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Proving We're Inside a Simulated Reality Posted on: 2023/2/4 9:59
2004/3/26 7:04
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We can show reality is like being inside a universal super computer; where the Source of reality (God) is like a Universal Central Processor (CPU).

The Periodic Table is all mathematically equatable, and is made of multiple static matrices. This shows at an atomic level, the very structure of reality is all maths. Where there is a little bit of mass in atomic structure, and a lot of space; which basically means what we know of atomic physics, proves we're inside something like a holographic universe.

We can show that there is a central Source to reality, from the Fibonacci sequence interwoven into everything; so things like a finger print, snail shell, ocean wave, galaxy spiral, etc, show that there is a uniformed mathematical principle, formulating the very way that reality interacts.

If the universe was random with no central Source, then the very foundations of reality would be random; yet they are not - Most of our reality can be shown to be mathematically concise, and even what we call random, is often that we don't have the amount of time & vast calculations, to see that there are mathematical patterns formulating everything.

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