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Is El Elyon & YHVH the same? Posted on: 2023/3/19 1:13
2004/3/26 7:04
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El Elyon (God Most High) is the Source of reality, and YHVH implies the Lord of Creation.

This same theological structuring is seen globally; where Brahman is the Source, and Bhagavan Brahma is the Lord of Creation.

People have forgotten ancient theology, and the Bible prophesied this would happen in Deuteronomy 32:7-18; 'where El Elyon seperated the nations among the Divine Council (El Elyon), and gave the nation of Israel to YHVH'.

There are multiple places in the Bible to show a distinct representation between the Source of reality, and the Creator Divine Beings (YHVH Elohim).

Within all these passages in Job, there is the Divine Being (Eloh - H433), 'and' the Almighty (H7706):

Job 5:17, Job 6:4, Job 11:7, Job 22:26, Job 27:10, Job 31:2, Job 40:2

& in all of these Psalms, there is both YHVH (H3068), 'and' Elyon (H5945):

2 Samuel 22:14 & Psalms 18:13, Psalms 21:7, Psalms 50:14, Psalms 78:35, Psalms 92:1

The Source of reality interacts with its creation via the Divine Beings/Archangels/Avatars; which in ancient times got confused into polytheism, and henotheism.

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