Oneness - True Faith
How did Buddha Teach Enlightenment Posted on: 2023/3/27 21:43
2004/3/26 7:04
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Reading the Lankavatara Sutra is a great explanation, & analysis of what Buddha meant.

Enlightenment requires 'to have gone beyond' (Tathāgata); which is to attain reaching levels of spiritual mastery, where we become one with the Universal Mind.

Recognizing that though we are part of a Oneness with the Universal Mind, the very Source of reality is selfless, and was before infinity - Which Buddha called Nirvana.

I find that the terminology 0neness (Zero-ness), is a simpler way to understand Nirvana; as if we're One, the Source is Zero, and in that Empty space Source has infinite potential.

How do we know we have enlightenment: When the bowl floats up stream, because we witnessed it.

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