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Re: Perpetual motion machine Posted on: 2006/1/27 22:20
Well, that was quite profound. Yes we are all responsible for our action (or should), yet when we point out something we should be able to backup our belief with something of substance. (books records, fact to base it on).

I think you should go back and read Tesla's books and see what energy he used to power his house and machines. Then get back to me.

In regards to the government taking care of us, does that make them responsible for our actions?

By the way I'll give you one answer, the energy your talking about is called orgone (the trees), this use to be collected years ago (it's still aroumd),can you tell me how they collected it?

Let me know what you find. I'm patient.

God Bless
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Re: Perpetual motion machine Posted on: 2006/1/31 2:54
Another thing in reguards to this topic, did you know that diesel fuel can be made out of soy beans and done successfully.

Oil companies say it cost prohibitive yet, this is a crop that can be grown almost any where in the world. and it's a renewable source and vertually non-polluting.

Ethenol (from corn, another renewable source) can and is in some countries (Brazil) all they use. Why isn't this more wide spread? Good question. Any opinions?

Perpetual motion machines have been brought to surface many times (just like Wizanda did) and all got the same answers. Quote " We need to reasearch it further." Any kind of funding is not available because there is nobody to back you because a system that runs inside a box.

God Bless
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Re: Perpetual motion machine Posted on: 2006/2/2 23:49
We've been talking all about the technical aspect of the machine, yet I've forgotten what Nicola tried to teach everyone. Work WITH nature.

Flow with it, enhance it. It's already perfect. Everthing has a purpose, sybiotic with everything around it. Does everything we, as a human race contrived, hurt anything else? At first, no. When it started to hurt the environment, we did nothing.

Tesla saw in a dream what was going to happen in the future and wanted to change the direction. To the point of not wanting money for inventions. Had it not been for Tesla, Marconi might not have gotten a start.

Tesla saw what Marconi's impact would be. Unfortunately, other have twisted it slightly to control the masses.

Do you realize there are only 8 corporations that control mass media globally? Look it up.

We can change, only if people are informed. That's what this website is about. Truth.
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Re: Perpetual motion machine Posted on: 2006/2/5 16:08
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
Posts: 2848
Ok when I am back off this trip I will start this site as it is meant as a Charity, the reason being is God gave me the idea for the perpetual motion generator and as you have just said use nature.

This is where the principles come from for the idea, yet it need to be a charity as to safe guard us, against you know who.

The paper work needs finalising I will discuss this with you all when I am back.

If you would like to copy the charity document and edited to improve in anyway please try, as we will do this!

Let the games begin!!

N B with U
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