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2004/3/26 7:04
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As the Angel of the Lord specifically named in multiple religions before Judgement comes on mankind, I keep being told by the Divine, "it is unavoidable."

Because I'm an eternal optimist, I'm always looking for ways that mankind will workout its own problems, and maybe with some latest opertunity, we could make everyone change.

Yet if I deal with what is stated in the religious texts, most of you haven't got long left to exist; because many think their life is about their own goals, instead of God's.

I've been sent as a final warning of where religion became corrupted before Armageddon, and then Betelgeuse will be seen to have gone supernova.
Prophecy relays that I'm here to show people what is required to be worthy, and what will cause many to soon cease to exist.

I'm really not very good at marketing all of this, and could do with a whole team of people to help - who'd honour the world's religions, and care about everyone's existence.

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