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Where & What is Heaven Posted on: 1/29 9:01:29
2004/3/26 7:04
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To define Heaven from our Near Death Experience, and a cross referencing of the world's religions.

Heaven is the highest dimensions within our reality; where it consists of three dimensions.

The first level of Heaven is made of unconditional love; this is where normal angels ascend to, after practising, and learning to be unconditionally loving in many incarnations.

The next level of Heaven is a dimension of wisdom, that surrounds the Throne of God. This level of wisdom is where the 24 Elders recorded in many religions the same, surround the Source of reality.

These divine qualities that surround God, are the different aspects of what God is, and are best classified as Archangels. To reach the second level in Heaven, someone would have to be exceptionally wise, and spend their life in service to others - teaching & inspiring people to be righteous & enlightened.

The last level/dimension in Heaven is God, which is the Source of our reality; where God could be compared to a Universal Central Processor (CPU) - where God is processing everything happening in reality.

When we use maths to define these levels: God is 100% mathematically concise, the Archangels are at +98%, and the normal angels are above +96%.

As we come down into this world, the maths is less precise, until some of us exist at lower than 15%.

The Divine Beings who surround God, is what God has used to interact with reality; where we can not see God in this realm, just like we couldn't see the CPU in a computer game, unless the game was broken.

God exists beyond the quantum reality, in a place before infinite time & order was ever thought about; so it can be said God exists as panentheism (distinct from the reality), and the Divine Council of Archangels are pantheism (made from the same as the reality).

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