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Which is Greater Faith or Knowledge? Posted on: 2/3 10:29:05
2004/3/26 7:04
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As scripture rightly points out, 'knowledge puffs up' (1 Corinthians 8:1); like we can be knowledgable on lots of things, and still not be worthy of Heaven, as it takes a contrite & meek heart like a child to enter Heaven.

Children & animals have an innocent faith, that protects them, until we feed them full of man-made understandings, and they become conformed by it.

The word 'faith' means to 'trust', like the words 'trustworthy' & 'faithful' mean virtually the same thing. Thus faith in its purest form, has no beliefs, it is simply to trust in God to protect us; as we add more rules, and policies to what this means, the trust wanes.

Though having faulty beliefs in the wrong ideals, and then putting lots of trust into that, so that we feel it can't be wrong, is a problem with recognizing the mind has beliefs, and these should be adjustable to what is the most logical; whereas faith/trust/love comes from the heart, and doesn't need to have the mental boundaries.

It is like setting the rudder of a ship, that the mind/beliefs/knowledge has to be adjusted, so that the faith from the heart can be streamlined, so that the sails are full of the Holy Spirit, which then pushes us in the right direction.

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