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Why Did God Set a Test to the Nations? Posted on: 2/3 10:30:40
2004/3/26 7:04
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Why would God want to trap people or have a Morality IQ test, to see who is worthy of Heaven?

Why not a free gift of Salvation, so simple that even children can understand it?

We're in a realm between Heaven & Hell, called the Maya in the Dharmic concepts, which means an illusional realm; that is made by God for us to fulfil our desires, and in that it makes us delusional.

Yeshua was teaching more Dharmic principles than Jewish ideas, as he was an Avatar sent from Heaven with what reality is, not what the religious people believed.

Because we're in a realm of selfishness, many of the world's Avatars who created the religions taught to be altruistic, yet after each the priestly class corrupted the religion, rewriting each into a mechanism they can profit from, and serve their own desires.

Thus God set up the priestly & scholarly classes of people (Isaiah 29:13-14), as God knew they'd corrupt things so much, that they'd teach evil, as if it was good (Isaiah 5:20), and go against the moral Laws that God has stipulated, that should not be broken.

Thus why not just give out salvation to those who could be demonic?
Because they will just help themselves to it, and not actually be worthy of Heaven; what God assesses by the tests, are refining who actually is humble & moral enough, to check they're heading in the right direction, if they don't see it, it is because they were evil in the first place, and didn't really have an ear to listen to what God instructed. 🤔💗😇

The return of the Final Avatar/Messiah comes to see if it is possible to show people their hypocrisies, of following both good & evil at the same time (Matthew 25:1-13, Revelation 3:16-19), and if not, God was right to allow them to be set up. 🙏👂

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