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Does God create both good & evil? Posted on: 2/3 20:07:43
2004/3/26 7:04
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This question has baffled theologians throughout the ages:

A quote by Epicurus shows some of the dilemmas:

'If God is unable to prevent evil, then he is not all-powerful. If God is not willing to prevent evil, then he is not all-good.'

The problem with most people's theories is they start with blaming others, and accusing; where if we look at the meaning of them words, 'satan' means 'an accuser', and 'devil' means 'a slanderer'.

God is the highest morality, at the very top of the dimensions creating the order, and physics for us to exist in the first place; so if there wasn't God, there wouldn't be any good in the reality - as there would be no reality, there would just be a random quantum chaos.

Thus if we understood that we're all made from that random quantum chaos, that has then been formulated into something where we can grow, that is the meaning of the concepts of Paradise, 'an inclosed Garden' for us to grow within.

Just like a plant will grow in the darkness, to reach towards the light, we are meant to be doing the same - learning from the evils, to want the good, and grow upwardly.

Yet the problem is we're between Heaven & Hell, and as such earth is the top floor of Hell, where below is the darkness, and a few dimensions above us is Heaven... Thus we're made out of darkness, as it is energy condensed; where we are animated from above by the light placed into us.

So whereas God is trying to lead us to being the best we can be, many of us by our very nature seek the easier route - which on the highway down to Hell, literally means we have to strive to go against the current, and to want to seek righteousness to go the right way.

The other problem with people's theorization of what God is, is they start with their way of looking at it, so they personify God, and attach our own morality compass - which if we're down near Hell, isn't that discerning in the first place.

God is like a Universal Central Processor (CPU), where if we're all in something like a computer game, the CPU is 100% mathematical creating reality at a quantum level to be perfect; yet by the time we get down here near Hell, into our lower dimensions, our very nature corrupts the reality.

When we understand God is more like a processor making a computer game, where within the game, it is the beings that choose to create evils, and God tries to make us understand the right ways - even using the evil to show us which way to go. 🤔💗😇

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