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If God is like a CPU, does that make God impersonal & distant? Posted on: 2/3 20:54:59
2004/3/26 7:04
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If God is like a CPU, does that make God impersonal & distant?
Whereas some people have a concept of God as a being, which is often because mankind has a desire to personalize God; where often they will make God in their own image; God is beyond the fabric of our reality, for our reality to be made by God.

If we look at the fabric of our reality, we can see it is all mathematically equatable; where at an atomic level, we can see everything is mathematically structured.

The Fibonacci Sequence is interwoven into all of reality, and so we can show that there is a central Source creating universal mathematics.

Now though we can show God would be equatable to 100% mathematical consistency, it doesn't mean that God didn't invent unconditional love & wisdom, as we see throughout nature.

Just because God is beyond the fabric of our reality, it can not be God is detached, if it is the very Source of reality at a quantum level; it is like we're in the literal living word from the CPU, where it is manifesting all of our feelings, and knows everything about us, more than we do.

Why does it say man was made in the image of God (Elohim), as the word Elohim is a plural of Eloh (H433); which is clearly a different word to El (H410) - the additional H means it is something breathed by El i.e the living word, breathed by God.

Thus an Elohim (H430) is like the word Avatars, it means 'a being that has descended from the Divine'.

There is a statement in the Quran, 'that the God Most High (El Elyon - Allah) is closer to us than our own jugular'... When we recognize God isn't detached from reality, yet is knowingly manifesting everything - then we realize everything is literally being made by God right now. 🤔💗😇

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