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Re: Indigo & Crystal Children Posted on: 2006/2/24 16:05
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
From Stockton California
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I feel as if I'd have to say I am both on this subject... I seem to fit the prerecquisites. I had lost myself sometime back... but listening to Suzy's child explain the way she did her backflip reminded me of my fearless tenacity I once had. I am now finally regaining it as I join up with others who are alikened to my nature... thank you for helping me remember what I had lost in this materialistic, trendy age :)
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Re: Indigo & Crystal Children Posted on: 2006/2/24 16:11
Indigo & Crystal Children

A place for Children of the Light to unite, to share wisdom and compassion with each other; to help show the world through example that This is the Age of Mass Enlightenment, yet it will take all of us as one, to establish this on Earth.
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Re: Indigo & Crystal Children Posted on: 2006/2/24 19:46
Not too shy to talk
2005/10/17 21:13
From Springfield, Mo
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Its my understanding that Indigo and Chrystal kids are being born with a different vibration, due to our solar system orbiting the milky way galaxy. Around 1984 our solar system entered the Pleadian star system or 7 sisters. The system has a huge magnectic field that is affecting earths magnectic field tremedously. It means that kids born, and while growing in the womb, have a different vibration than any other group of humans born on earth with the exeption of Adam and Eves first descendents. I feel earth at creation, had the same vibration that we are experiencing now under the pledian star system. The circle always returns to its beginning. If Adam and Eve were of the indigo/crystal vibration at creation; then we shall see a return to this again. This could be it.

Acts 3:21 tells us Yashua will not return untill all things are restored, as it was in the beginning. "paraphrased". So until earth returns to an edenic state with a metaphysical awareness, Jesus will not return. I believe our children who are indigo and chrystal; are a sign of this return to the original creation from our Father, who lives in Heaven. However we still have a ways to go.

It is a plaesure to meet you suzyq, I just came from a rainbow gathering in florida. I have been to about 7 of them and find many indigo and chrystal kids floating around there. I think they need some direction and focus. Other than that they are light years ahead in instincts and intuition. They are nobodys dummy, thats for sure. I have had some interseting conversations. They had a pot fairy there that was awesome...peace... By the way, thanks for helping these kids out suzyq...awesome!

Ezekial 28: 18-20 And God shall cause a fire to spring up in satan, and he shall burn up in front of the saints, and never shall he be anymore.
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Re: Indigo & Crystal Children Posted on: 2006/2/24 20:54
Hey Dude,

Great addition! Thank you for your kind words.

I have also enjoyed Rainbow gatherings! Anytime I can be in a group of these wonderous beings all at once!

Why of course I have! TEE! HEE! I guess a really "bad trip" might be the only reason one wouldn't.

This group of brilliant, musical, creative, naturalists like to gather in our State Parks! SO cool! We also have many really great parks! I feel so honored to be inivted to join in the celebrations when I just synchronistically show up at the right "time" and the right "place"!

I can not put my experiences into words (amazing huh?)...I am involved immediately and a part of everything at once! Naturally extroverted, this helps me to meet everyone and merge!

As for them needing some guidance and direction at times...yes and no. I suppose I have it down to an art form by now. Lead by example, have guidlines, be realiistic and follow through. I do not tolerate laziness, so I no doubt do push a few of them off there rear ends to get involved more. (I make suggestions), perhaps that is why I suddenly appear now, where in the past I missed such events!

More and more I hear problems are arising within this group itself. Rather than the Elders walking away in frustration I feel they/I need to embrace them more and lead without interference. Do you understand? It is presence they crave in my humble opinion! I could be wrong.

My understanding is many notifications have went underground regarding such events and gatherings and "they" are watching this group much closer...of course they are. You'd let me know if you were in my area though, I have faith! I have a State Park Pass! Would love to meet you "somewhere"..."sometime". You have my eamil! HINT!

Think about it...

More later...

Peace and Love Be with You,
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