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Re: Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion Posted on: 2006/2/27 15:02
Suzy... I'm not going to listen to someone tell us that we need to wear crystals in order to feel any better... that's all within us already... it takes nothing but our own will to bring it out, therefore no one should be spreading these statements. Let's keep it real and true. It has to do with my mind... and nothing on the outside. It's all within. I enjoyed the story about your daughter... but this is a different case.
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Re: Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion Posted on: 2006/2/27 15:17

I don't wear cyrstals or stones to make me feel better. Although they can when used properly.

I am a crystal being! Humans are crystal beings!

Reference: It is natural to be naked!

I wear them because they are fun! Never heard that girly's like sparkly things! I do! Simple inexpensive stones and crystals make me happy, as much so as finding a Hershey's chocolate kiss in my coat pocket just out of the blue! I don't own diamonds. Does this amaze you? Although, I do like herkimer diamonds and usually buy a dozen at a time. I am not sure why. I just like them. They make me laugh and smile!

The necklace I wear everyday is a gift handcrafted and wrapped by my best friend. I promised to not take it off except to clean it. It is special to me because it was made by my friend with love. Do you see?

Wearing a second necklace of mala wooden beads around my neck because they were a special gift to me as well. They have a meaning unique to me. They make me smile. A memory. These beads serve another purpose.

Finding a stone on the ground or a bird feather upon my path! I just have more reason to smile...perhaps ask if I may even pick it up and bring it home with me. I love to smile!

Your guitar makes you smile! It resonates!

Enough is ok to just not understand.

Blessings to you,
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Re: Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion Posted on: 2006/2/27 15:23
Not too shy to talk
2006/2/23 12:22
Posts: 27
Dear Suzy,

It is funny sometimes, what our path dictates along the way. Crystals can be lovely pendants or rings, especially energy-wise. I used to wear clear-quartz, lightning-struck quartz, rainbow moonstone etc. Just love them and thought that we won't part for a very long time. But one day, they spoke to me, "We need a holiday." And it has been more than a month since they are chilling-out with the other crystals on the altar. It might be their permanent holiday, but I'm fine with that.

I feel so much better now, and I'd like to say thanks. (Someone prayed for me.)

Blessings ,

& ALways
Who am I? Who are You? Let's have a long conversation without words.
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Re: Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion Posted on: 2006/2/27 18:49
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
From Stockton California
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Then no one here truly understands the Indigo Child. It's in our hearts and minds, and that's the only place it will ever be. I do not hang a guitar around my neck in the hopes of feeling energized. I play the guitar because it is a beautiful invention and a beautiful gift. I do not proclaim that it has any special powers... I see where this is going... it's not good. Perhaps this thread should be placed under another category... this is not the representative views of the Indigo Child. It is only causing more confusion. I'm at such a loss of words with the analogies that have been made that I cannot even begin to concentrate on how it is we got here in the first place. Giving someone a crystal... and giving someone a guitar to play to pour their emotions into and stimulate their minds, are two totally different things... if you need material objects to make you believe that you are enlightened or special... then you truly are not. One only need to reach as far as the thoughts within and around... in actuality... one needs not to reach at all. Success gains it's beauty and respect in nakedness. Naturalness... what happened... where have you gone? Why is the human mind so demented now?

"...happiness is within our own minds if we seek for it there. It already exists!" Suzy Q.

Suzy... it's not okay to just not understand... there is no peace in division.

Suzy, what you speak of is not what I am talking about. You wear stones because they are of sentimental value. You pick up bird feathers and pretty things along your path in the act of innocence, joy and glee.

I am adressing the points made that crystals should be worn for energy... to give us something that we cannot have without them... that's simply false.
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