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The New Concept of Charity Guidelines Posted on: 2006/5/31 17:57
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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Specifying the aims of Wizanda as a charity fully.

Each will be addressed in a full description, in ways that the charity may be used after.

1). To unite the religions through global understanding of the points acquired by Wizanda as a charity.
2). To help in global re-climatization through free projects available to us all and giving people the information to distribute; as to fix the world for free.
3). To seek out other charities that wish to work on a unified, global scale, as to fix problems we have.
4). To organize and help fund events in major cities centres, where as to take spirituality back into the street, under a non religious banner, yet all as one.
5). To assist in networking of the communities ideas, to develop and produce systems, that will help people in life; with the funds of said idea always, going into the charity.
6). To assist in the production of music and art globally to produce a non commercial free source, for artist wishing to distribute their work without cost.
7). To develop a non hierarchical structure within the charity, and to develop a secure system of democratic communism, in which people vote for what they think is the best idea; in all possibilities of the charities funding, being spent in the community, for the community.
8). To help and organize the new churches, as to be community centres globally. In which the love of God is shown above all and there are to be people there to help 24/7 and 365 days a year.
9). To insure a system of security within the charities own infrastructure; as to disallow embezzlement and all fraudulent activities by any members, in the continuous future of the charity, by defining all points before they are needed.
10). To allow ordinary people without being ordained, to be classed as a worker of God, by the establishments, when investing time in the charity.
11). To organize and hand help in events in which people in care due to mental illness are given the opportunities and security, to be a part of said ideas, as to help develop a bridge to life, by encouraging them through love, to be part of the community again.
12). Through the charities resources, to make a permanent place with all religious books and then to develop between the world a new book, which caters for our children, and our children’s children, as a guide to life for all.

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Re: The New Concept of Charity Guidelines Posted on: 2006/7/6 2:34
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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I state this is a legally binding document on the proceedings and aims of Wizanda as a charity.

Primary aims

Wizanda’s primary aims are to build a place so that people of any belief or background can study different people’s religions and beliefs for free.
The aims of this are to link people together through wisdom and unity so as to achieve a world wide understanding of knowledge on spiritual matters that is already known.
Then from the information that is acquired by the community, to expand on spiritual knowledge and then to fund ventures to make the knowledge spread world.
The aims of the venture are to make a stable community world wide between beliefs through understanding of each other and then to work with in that community to help build peace.


The charity must be constantly striving to find the best way possible as to keep the costs low for the charity while maintaining a high standard of workmanship in all things the charity is involved in.
The charity may not fund events that may cause the charity to loose money knowingly. All aspects of any venture must be assessed by more then one person yet with one person making a consensus view and final decision for the charity.
The charity may adopt a new head by decision of the committee and head charity trustee as to make sure that the charities principles remain in tact.
At all time the charity must try and use free resources as to keep cost low, though the charity may purchase items if the is no other means of acquiring items that the charity need to succeed.

The web site

The charities web site is about incorporating people on a spiritual base’s into a community that can help each other through sharing of wisdom and culture for free at all times.
The charity must at all times do things set out by the charity in a way that encourages free thought and understanding while teaching the truth of what knowledge is already known about spiritual subjects.
The charity must do this with out adding cost to people by encouraging the volunteering or giving of time and effort on a spiritual basis.
The charity at all times must do things in a fun and simple way as to encourage people to relax and be at ease with each other.
The charities web site is about sharing knowledge with people from all walks of life in the simplest way possible, while still being informative and encouraging understanding in many subjects on spiritual matters.
The web site must stay with out commercial marketing displayed or sent, though emails concerning the charity.
Members are free to choose if they wish for emails direct from Wizanda and may choose at any time to with draw from further emails.
Emails from Wizanda must not contain any commercial marketing for any product that is non essential to the charity.
Though the web site may link to commercial sites to help in free advertising on the commercial market
Wizanda must be free of commercial marketing in any way as this produces desire and is detrimental to the charitable purposes of Wizanda.
The web site must remain a community project so people are able to converse for free in the best way possible to avoid conflicting opinion.
The web site at all times must encourage a friendly atmosphere for people to communicate and relate on spiritual matters.

Types of Promotion

The charity is about fetching a spiritual life to all people so it can therefore help in the funding of projects that can encourage the coming together of people from all walks of life.
The funding must be to help in the enlightening of people to the wisdom of all beliefs and understanding of spiritual values in an unbiased way.
The charities promotion must try at all times be free to the public yet donations maybe accepted.
The charity may spend funds on printing and exposure of the web site as to increase understanding at the minimum cost to the charity.

Funding expenditure

The charity may use funding to acquire web promotion, as to be a means of reaching people in need of spiritual assistance.
At all times the charities funding must be spent on the increase of the community and to help in spiritual growth of people world wide.
The funds can be used to incorporate other charities to find and distribute people to areas of spiritual need if required.
The charities funds may be used in conjunction with promotion online to acquire people to volunteer in entertain people in an effort to promote spiritual unity.
The charity may help and fund events in the benefit of the charity as to help promote understanding and between beliefs.
The charities funds may only be used on projects set out by Wizanda after research has been done on weather said venture is cost efficient and the resulting effects may cause detrimental repercussions to either the charity or said venture before any expenditure may be made.
All projects the charity may be involved in must help in spiritual unity in some way and may not set out on ventures that do not encourage spiritual growth.

Primary funding

The ways of funding the charity are by means of donation from either the web site or while the charity is involved in a venture.
Although later Wizanda may sell books it must try at all times to give information away for free.
All information on the web site must be given for free at all times yet donations are accepted to help in funding the charity to reach more people.


The charity at all time encourages all peoples involved in the charity to work on a voluntary basis
The charity may cover costs of volunteers for transport and accommodation if the volunteer is involved in the spreading of spiritual wisdom to people yet this must be done in a cost efficient manner
Food may be brought for volunteer if there is no other option available yet at all times the volunteer must try and cover there own costs.
Volunteers may become members of the web site and ask for funding in venture that will help in spiritual unity and understanding if the committee and head trustee sees fit

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