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3 Errors in Christianity - Faulty Logics Exposed Posted on: 2006/6/4 16:31
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2005/9/24 20:33
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This write up addresses three (3) particular elements of Christianity and the bible which can be viewed as faulty logic, errors in thinking and elements that hold humans back from essential spiritual growth needed to attain a more enlightened spirit and closer relationship to divinity. The three (3) errors are, #1 - Almost 100% of cults make a middleman or veil between the people and God, and this human filter is referred to as the logos in Greek. #2 - For many Christians the bible gives them a sense that only those who follow Christ will gain salvation and/or go to heaven. In John 14.6 it claims that he is the only way to God. #3 - The idea that all mortal humans are sinners and must repent which produces a negative endless cycle of sin, repent, sin, repent etc, this belief blocks people from divinity and doesn't allow people to believe they can make choices of goodness and be accountable.

The #1 elemental error within Christianity it's very construction of logos, a filter, a middleman placed in between the people and God. This tactic does make for a much more attractive and sellable religion because why not place a filter between God and the people? Because people can't even begin to comprehend what God is all about yet the filter (Jesus) can place God into a simple, definable, position by which the people can comprehend and value. Another this tactic is in error is humans should know that they came from God, that God is within each human, is all around us, and is purely eternal having no need for a logos. Do you not want that direct connection to God, or do you want a block between yourself and God? Having a direct connection to God should surely not leave one misguided, as having a direct, personal, and un-filtered connection to God without any type of interference from a person or sub element of God is a direct and true relationship with God. There's no chance of mans personal agenda getting into that clear, bright, unadulterated connection.

The #2 elemental error within Christianity is the belief that Christians are the only people who are going to gain salvation and/or enter heaven (Some Christians in fact refer to themselves as "the chosen ones"). Having this exclusive belief places the believer in Christ into a major predicament of judgment by suggesting that ALL OTHERS ARE GOING TO HELL. Yet to judge others is a sin by biblical belief and being of a judgmental space is a manifestation of bad karma. But recent polls show that Christians of all types are showing much higher levels of tolerance and acceptance and in fact are coming to a position in which it appears that many are beginning to disregard the scripture of John 14.6.

The Bibles scripture of John 14.6, says, Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me." A Newsweek Poll asked 1004 American's, "Can a good person who isn't of your religious faith go to heaven or attain salvation, or not?" A staggering 68% of the Evangelical Protestants said, "YES". An incredible 83% of the Non-Evangelical Protestants said, "YES". And a near unbelievable 91% of Catholics polled said, "YES". (NewsWEEK/Beliefnet Poll - August, 1995 -

Now, what does this say about these Christians belief in this scripture? Is it the realization finally, that ALL scripture is highly exposed to man's errors through their very interpretations of what someone said, the writing of it possibly skewed by the writers recording process of the prophets words, personal agendas, translations, time from when original recordings occurred until the present, and other forms of margins for error in the process of recording scripture. Lastly, almost 100% of all the other religions have the same type of scripture saying that their book and belief is the ONLY way. Perhaps ones ability to gain salvation and/or enter heaven is not based upon a persons choice of religious following or sacred text, rather shall be based upon ones CHOICES & ACTIONS.

The #3 elemental error in Christianity resides within faulty logic. That faulty logic resides in the belief that ALL mortal humans are sinners and must repent. With such flawed thought one will NEVER gain ground towards closeness to God where they might be able to reach to God with their hand and reach to touch divinity. This belief also leads to a highly dysfunctional cyclic behavior of sin, repent, sin, repent, sin, repent and so on, leaving the person in a very negative cycle and by which they may never be exonerated from. More importantly is the very fact that this belief allows the follower to not be accountable for their actions. Since when can't we control ourselves? Have we not evolved enough spiritually to realize that, "SIN, IS A CHOICE"? Because sin is a choice, Sin is an ACTION. And people can be and should be accountable for their CHOICES & ACTIONS. How 2 billion people don't see through this faulty logic is unknown. Christianity is losing the most members of any other religion and at a rate that they have never seen before, perhaps due to glaring errors in belief such as this one. The sad thing is that the largest growth percentage is found in atheism. :( Likely from people feeling burned by so many man injected fusions of religions that they figure a God couldn't exist and do something like this to them.

You are a temple within yourself; in your own right you have a soul and spirit that does not require an interpreter, or veil or someone to sacrifice them for you. And you have ALL the right by your very birth and life to have a pure, direct and personal connection to God. This is the surest and fastest way to total and utter enlightenment through taking actions and having accountability of oneself while walking in the light of God.

So know in your heart, spirit and soul that all people have the right and deserve a direct connection to God, and know, that there is not just one religions or group whoi shall get into heaven, and take be accountable for your actions, as God most likely wants it this way.

God Speed,

Scott Bruno
A Gentle Warrior
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Re: 3 Errors in Christianity - Faulty Logics Exposed Posted on: 2006/6/4 17:09
Not too shy to talk
2006/4/23 10:58
From Heaven
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Agreed and we will add every scripture we said that is the same:
Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

All of John- Nicodemus/Nicolaitans/Nicholas is fake and we can go over all and show why...

Yet the fact the Bible already tells everyone it is fake; why is that included as if truth?

So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate. Rev 2:15

So since half the rubbish they have made up, is included this is where these errors come from and nothing I said...
If you go over the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke they are ok...
As you have 3 witnesses that clarify not take...
Yet add any parts of Paul, John and Simon peter and you are in a mess and it is fake as the pazand records, and also Zechariah, Mohammed and many others who have come and will come....
So let's stop this rubbish made up by a roman church, as way to keep their control over people through religion...

This is the age of Kali
The metal beast and all its other names..
yet it will take us all as unity to understand that half the Bible needs removing, with my authority as it is messing up our society...not saving it as many believe they do....yet look at the cause and effect of Christian countries higher suicides, more killings, rapes and all the rest so if doesn't help you?
Why keep it?
Just as long as every Christian who looks at this knows..
I don't stand by you...
When you proclaim any of the way the truth life, the God so loved the world as this is the teachings of Balaam and what Revelations refers to as the bad ones.
God doesn't sacrifice I came to teach and show you love, so you beat up hang me on a cross and then keep he hang there whilst you worship me???
Be real this is the Pharisees plan to keep you trapped in hell with them, and coming back to life and gong to church again and again until you realize man makes mistakes so look at the bigger picture.. as truly they all do say the same!

Peace B with U
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Re: 3 Errors in Christianity - Faulty Logics Exposed Posted on: 2006/6/4 18:27
Just popping in
2006/6/4 18:19
From Nova Scotia
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Scott , You do make a person think.

Yes I agree, there is no set "Book" to tell us how to believe. God is out there and all you have to do is open your eyes and you can find him.

I truly believe that if you are a good person and help your fellow man than this is what will get you into heaven.

And why not create heaven right here on earth! You do not have to die to feel heaven, Its right here for us! we just have to open our hearts and minds to the possibility.

Now I know this is just my thoughts on this but, keep opening those doors Scott, You never know who is going to walk through.
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