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What Have We Learned?

I go within the sanctuary of thy thoughts, praying to be protected from the world, the horrors of today, oh why are thou to be judged of thy kind heart. The giving of a pure heart, I close my mind within the shelter of its own sanctuary of divine love, I must hide within the shelter of my most protected source. Why must I pretend to be the source of regret, when I give love, to those who have no respect? It’s not the power of a man who lives upon the earth.

The virus snake that runs foe to foe, unclean thoughts that plagues nations, taunted by un- forgive able love, without human kindness he’s destructive to self. Crime against humanities wars that plaque the earth

My last mission upon the universe
Burning buildings, Screams of pain within these walls I declare
Your walls have fallen
You are hidden in an 8/11 box
Money has no prosperities that you own.
The gifts of a palace you no longer live.
The great wealth has taken. The treasures which you posses
Who is your God? That you worship for all man to see.

The hands that guide mans life,
The power of chose to lead will be the answers
When Gods sits at the top. Slaughters that lye
Upon the united of the free, death traps
That man sets before his own back yard.
Toxins that is bought and traded to kill.
The people of the land of the free.
What have we learned about greed?

The holocausts which man continues to breathe.
Elders who fight just to live.
Children that live upon the battlegrounds of the free.
Our back yard is dirty and our people are dying.
I sing not upon the statute of race, I sing not the statue of country,
Greed has no complexity of color.

The rich shall look upon the poor, but shall be the same who often close the savior’s door. When time shall cease, shall pass no wealth, neither pulls nor influence will save the sinners plea. I pledge that the source of implementing humanity through human kindness shall bring forth unity among the soldiers of the lord.

Deleting whose imitations of powers
For man’s sake, human decent in Gods spoken words. Violence characterized to seek an humiliate,
To embrace just law.

A man is a power tool of conversion to which it stands.
A vessel to implant the justice of God and the love of all man.
Sing not the glory of thy self; sing the glory of humanities that man pull together in knowledge, peace, wisdom, and understanding.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, not the presents of face, the heart shall be the mountain of Calvary.

I cast no stones for I live within a holocaust of its own dismissed. Murders Books of darkness, shall appear in the light of conscious,
Implementing sources of humanity,
through human kindness,
delete the whose and what,
in mans darkness without couscous.
Illusions of powers for man sakes.

The spirit shall live for those,
who shall follow in the blood,
of the prophesies of justice for all.
Let not the words be sensuous slavery,
give the voice that man shall stand,
for the imbibing of Gods words.
Shrines, temples, churches,
Bestrode upon fruitful knowledge,
which man has defamed Gods house.
With tarnish and no conscious of what he represent.
The devils that hide behind the cloak, will be exposed that hide behind Gods cloak .I rise to another level of understanding, in the resource of forgiveness, forbidden love that sings oh glory to thee, the forbidden love, which seeks my strength, Oh thy God for the love, which you have requested within thee. Has been the destruction of my inner plea. I question not thy word, but the protection of the clean heart, which man seems to disbelief.

How can man stand before the bar of justice
Giving money for armor to the man who he says is the devil.
Shall he be accountable for the treasures, that was
Bought to kill his brother.
Yet he haunt him down like a dog, not saying the
Brother who was responsible for his cause?
Like hot and cold water it all units among each other.

Never combine complexities with evil,
it is a loosing battle.
It will only try to take your strength,
to maintain power.
There shall be no wisdom,
knowledge and understanding.
Once the pen is taunted.
God bless and continue,
to teach the words of love.

Trust stronger than the lion that roars
Knowledge worthless without honor of self,
Understanding rationalization what comes first,
what comes last? Honor worthy,
than thieves in the night.
Wisdom the will to enhance, the will to let go.

The will to give love,
and the will to humble under
complexities of un-wanted thoughts
the will to subside when ignorance
continues to flow.
The will to carry the torch, when the
storm appears,

Above life’s turmoil, true happiness, the over coming of self, the basis of action the belief that saves, pleasant pastures of peace, effective of thoughts seeing no evil that blinds, the causes and effects of human life. The two masters self and truth, the acquirements of spiritual power, man and perceptions, and sincerity, energy and power to the free mind. Indoctrinations of liberations the words,
That shines through great men.

Rise me to another level of understanding, which my love will remain the source of your spoken words, I thy shelter that lives within the means of my structure, I cry oh glory to thee, I sing great words of hymn. I give to those who are in need. I the sanctuary of thy own protection of the universe. I sing the scriptures of thy word, only to be swallowed upon the belly of the beast. Try again thy faith sings, when the scars on my back, the blood in the palms of my hand, linger for respect and truth.
I am the resurrection of great words of love, I the tooth of thy sword, thy truth of solutions, Give me honor or give me death, I the sanctuary of thy on thoughts.

The separation of a link, which has been created as one.
One who thinks from the indoctrination of man?
Within the window of the frames, man and woman cry.
There is no unity division shall always bring pain.
What God has created no man shall erase.
Through out the time of man, who has always thought
he is the greater authority than the almighty that created him.
Man which cannot breathe alone.
The labor of thy love, the pain of thy God, the glow of life.
I give to thee thy son. Remember Mother of the Universe.
Thy ebony satin that flowed through my womb.
The locks thy body that cover the blood of my precious king.
God has given life above the earth. The tears of thy labor,
brought fourth a King. Let not thy labor be in vain.
The Night as the dark, the rain and the sun,
the laughter and tears,
Remember son we are one.
The symbols of thy temple,
the signs of thy torso,
the smiles of thy image,
the likings of thy ancestors,
remember thy son, I am you and you are I.
Master peace of Gods Love. Simplicity of an endless life.
Death beyond self.
Feeding the hymns with poisons,
which he displays, personal bonds with hate.
Alone with the devil, as Satan rejoice.
Closed mind to his own spiritual growth.
Humility of self, and not the brothers
and sisters of the earth.
Eyes of darkness that lurks.
The city and the sea, the battle cry of great men.
Empty words of repent.
Man who lives only for self? When a man chooses death. Fear the almighty bindery of man.
The sins breed death upon the unborn.
Which life has no value, only the white powder?
Dirty needles, live and breathe each day.
Fearing the unknown believing
In myths which is dictated by man.
Playing with dynamic when it explode upon
The taunted wound, the lights that blasts
Upon the night, a legacy of death, with only self,
Man thinks of.
The two masters self and truth,
The beliefs connection with heaven and the universe.
Life is death, death is life.
The murder infected wounds the birth of death.
The windows of the beginning the prophecy of transition,
Exhortation, humility, great reality,
The way of truth self-restraint.
The laws of cause and effects.
Upon the night the warrior of death, as a fly that sits and watch
For it’s prey, the silence of the chambers that waits mans death.
The implications of weakness that sits upon the night.
The devils that bring forth destruction, the warrior awaits.
The captivity of chambers that carries a torch.
The empowerment of resources of darkness that lingers as man sleeps.
The mortal sickness of man dreaming with hidden agenda’s to over throw all. Never cease the dignity of God’s laws, Satin has arrived to claim as many as he can. Nose of hate without surrender. The bank of God shall not be destroyed, Close not thy eyes, communists is not loyal to color, only the wealth of the land. Beware of man, whom tramples creations, with the sounds of roars, with no truth, beware do not blink your eyes, the battle cries of tears from God’s eyes. Battle cry, belligerency shall be erasing. The sanctions of the spoken words, Derisions scorn, of the holy grounds, the symbols of emblems, that set before, as the devil steals from the universe.
The scars of a warrior, under the banner of justice shall be the back door, to hypocrisy; the body shall turn cold within the darkness of its war. Thy spirit shall live for those, who shall follow in the blood, of the prophesies of justice for all. Let not thy words be sensuous slavery, give thee the voice that man shall stand, for the imbibing of Gods words. Shrines, temples, churches, Bestrode upon fruitful knowledge, which man has defamed Gods house tarnish and no conscious of what he represent.
Emotional extremist, pressures placed upon creations,
Castration of the battlefield within,
crying out to be freed.
Shouting out for the inner peace.
Can you hear the bellowing sounds?
In hope of surrender.

The celestial processes of elimination.
City beyond the streets of he beast.
Absent from the soul, destruction darkness that lives within,
I brought it back, Tribulations.
Vessels of the living curse.

Copywriter 2003
Author Jacqueline Amos
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