Oneness - True Faith
Re: Zanda's Music Dolphin's Call to all Posted on: 2006/7/6 19:13
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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The sound you hear that you think is high hats is in fact the sound Dolphin soup repeated over and over again.
As you see when it slows and becomes words.

Me being as complicated as a dolphin is in language, yet we use it for soup and other things as if it is less then our selves.

The same as we use these remarkable surfing atomic destroying and creating creatures.

So we get them to jump through hoops singularly in the sea the will do a triple back flip roll, in reverse.
Just to pass time whilst travelling from a-b far faster then we can.

So this is hopefully hinted in this tune, how we much we miss that.

N B with U
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