Oneness - True Faith
Freedom of The Being Posted on: 2006/8/18 12:09
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
From Stockton California
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No things in this universe/existence are random or consistent. All things are and must be. All things are given to us. All things happen for a reason. Happen is because it must. Expectations postulate consistencies, randomizations fall under the category of consistencies. Consistency is a subset of expectation. The ability to aquire and manifest an expectation blows an ambiguous path towards consistencies which ultimately lead to negated emotions. To completely rid oneself of negated emotions one must understand this philosophy and live life free flowing. Consistency and expectation are only a product of human narcissism. To live not expecting anything is to see everything as a miracle. This must have been what Einstein was talking about, yet did he ever explain it? Be one with the universe, the universe does not expect, it flows, it changes like it must with the flow of "time", it is honest and truthful in its ways, it has no desires, it has no expectations, for it "knows" that all things must and will be.

Expectation---Consistency---Negated Emotion.
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