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Re: Jesus is a swear word Posted on: 2005/6/21 4:04
Not too shy to talk
2005/5/31 2:19
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question...Why is the name of Jesus always under attack when the name of God is not? I don't understand how Yeshua can be spelled and pronounced so many different ways. But people have different accents and I guess eventually things got changed.

But the name of God is NOT Jehovah. That is an English interpretation of YHWH which is pronounced Yaweh. The name is Sacred and Holy and Any Jew will tell anyone else that you od not say that name lightly. He is Also called the Great I Am and many other things.

Here is my big Problem. This is not to offend but this is told to me by a muslim. The name allah is not what we think. He is not the same God. This is why. Muhammed chose to follow a demon that presented himself as a genie. He was very powerful and was a biblical Strongman. Muhammed chose to follow him. Not God. All these other faiths do not believe in the same God. Some are created from stone by their own hands. Some are demons that they have to apease. They admit this but they call them gods. Americans and others do not have any concept of the ethinic, cultural and traditional meanings. We are using our own termonlogy.

For instance, did you know that a muslim in the east considers ANYONE other than an easterner/ arab is an infidel and cannot convert to the islamic faith? But here in america, it happens all the time. It is considered an abomination in those countries.

Other than that, I don't believe Jesus is a swear word. I think it is strangly sybolic that there are thorns in the name of the one who wore thorns as a crown.

The letter in His name "J" a letter that you can convert between hebrew and english are substituted by the letter "Y" .
Translating has advanced greatly in the last 2000 years and we can understand better the things that we didn't know before. If you don't know words or meanings of verses, go and get a study bible with the explaination of every verse on every page.

ALSO, I am not thrilled with the explaination of Jesus taking up His cross. Jesus wanted us to live and act responsibly and be willing to die to our own desires, to take up our cross(our burdens) daily and follow him.

He also said to carry His yoke for His yoke is easy and His burden light. As compared to the heaviness of the world.

He also said to learn from Him. It seems to me, that no matter the burden, no matter the pain even unto death He stayed faithful to God. I very good lesson. He overcame death, hell and the grave. I aim to do the same.
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Re: Jesus is a swear word Posted on: 2005/6/21 4:43
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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Did you read the ancient Hebrew site?
Did you know that (jesus) isn't his name?
Did you know that in modern Hebrew still, Yeshua means salvation?
Why are you arguing on my site?
Why are you trying to cause world war III?
Have you read this??
If there is power in the name
Did you know that the cross is an ancient symbol of God world wide?
Do you wish to follow pharisees and change that?
When you came to the site, have they been telling you to fight?
Where do you get the right to tell muslims that one God is wrong, (many are aware that the name was a moon God)?
How do you know?
Did you know that mohamed made it quite clear that it was just one supreme God?
Are you wishing to insult him by implying there is more then one God?
Did you know if you read what I put 1st!! Then you would realise that I am not looking at the word as a whole word, yet in the original languages i.e. pictrograms so each letter has meaning with in a name?
Did you know every persons name has two meanings the whole name and the indervidual letters?
Did you know this is how people were named in the ancient times?
Did you know if you stopped attending church, as you seem to be getting more Pagan, and paid more attention, you may get to heaven?
Did you know I love you and want the best for you, so do not be offended?
Did you know peace N love B with U?
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Re: Jesus is a swear word Posted on: 2005/6/25 4:44
Not too shy to talk
2005/5/31 2:19
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Hey, wiz!

No, not trying to be offensive. A muslim that I know who is very high up in knowledge gave me this information. I forget what you call one who leads his group, I will ask.

My postings were not to offend but to inform. As is your goal as I perceive it. We both have totally different opinions and I guess as much as others' opinions, facts, thoughts and ideas, shock my spirit, I suppose mine shock yours and theirs. Sorry, but I cannot deny what I believe and until God speaks to me and tells me different (and I mean really speaks) I will have to say what I believe. I cannot sit back and deny what Peter said, that Yeshua is christ the son of the living God.

No, I wasn't trying to start anything. (or finish) Just had to clear the air.

I understand the Hebrew meanings and downloaded from several sites to verify the authenticity of each. What I was trying to express was that some who translated, substituted the Y in Yeshua for a J and also in Yaweh the Y for a J. That is all. so why do we call God Jehovah?

I also know the cross is a symbol of God and Christ worldwide and also why. Beginning in the story of Moses when God told Him to hold up the staff with the serpent on it to heal the people who were bitten. It symbolized THE cross and the death of sin on the cross. The people were grumbling and complaining and God saw it as sin. Yeshua also said,"If I be lifted up I will draw all men..." paraphrased.

Never said there was more than one God. But God is more than a simple moon God. He is Lord over the universe. Maybe one day we can talk about what I meant by the genie thing. It is a dlgy issue.

aparently being pagan is simply relative to the ones who say the word....You think that I am, the muslim, druid and any other religion thinks I am, yet, the bible says everyone else is. Who is right? I don't sweat it! I just simply ask God to help me even if I'm wrong, at least I am doing my level best to get things right.

Wiz, I think you aare precious and wonderful and I never meant to make anyone mad. I just thought this was an open forum in which we could state our beliefs. Sorry, I upset you.
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Re: Jesus is a swear word Posted on: 2005/10/15 4:25
I see this is an old thread, but feel led to say something. Its true the muslims originally worshipped the moon, and had many "gods". Mohammed came along and made them worship one God, or Allah. I have to believe that Mohammed wasnt talking about Yahweh. But then how are we to really know. Governments change history and truth all the time, to suit their agendas, and America is no different.

Concerning the name of Jesus, I have heard it said that it is a form of Zeus. That some kind of Joke has been played over Yashuas followers, by using an english version of Zeus, as Jesus. Who really knows. Again, books, and tracts are written to change public opinion, whether they be truth or lies. Thers no way of really knowing.

This much I do know, we serve a wonderful God who is not challenged by these things. In our ignorance, God winks at it. I feel Yashua is more appropiate that Jesus. But for Decades I have used the name of "Jeusus " to cast out demons, to deliver me when under demonic attack, and all kinds of things. I mean miracle after miracle after miracle, I have seen; using the name of jesus. God must honor that name because of my ignorance.

Plus when I ssy it, I dont mean Zeus, thats not who is in my minds eye when I say Jesus. In my minds eye, I see the son of God.. So thats probably why it works, even if it is wrong. Yashua is more correct, I agree with that.

Wizanda, ya kinda got hot tempered at Brindalee, you really should apologize to her. That wasnt fair, the way you unloaded on her. You were really wrong the way you attacked her, it makes you look very bad. almost scizophrenic, if ya know what I mean..Yashua never acted like that, ecxept to a pharasee, and thats not brendalee..Its been several months, so maybe you have done that. If not, then make evry effort to apologize..echo...
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