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Freedom from Authority or U/C Love Posted on: 2006/12/7 23:58
Just popping in
2006/12/6 3:34
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We cannot have them both

Yes we can Missing Link.

It is in the act of spiritual ascension - the transcendation of polarity thoughtform and being.
The transformational process is moving into Unity - unified thoughtform, neutrality, middle-ground. Which are also the higher consciousness of the multi-dimensional realms we are moving into.
Also the Consciousness concepts of the universal mind of All That Is.

Unified thoughtform and all its associated concepts of
Divine Union
Unconditional Love
(to name a few of the many)
As one clears the karma from the polarity of each of these Unified thoughtforms - sometimes many. One then comes to the Unity paradigm.

One does not study or memorise to become enlightened, it is an 'embodying' process. of releasing karma (dense negative energies in the etheric body realms) which is a swapping out process to embody the higher consciousness concepts.

This is how one 'raises the consciousmind'

One cannot BE Unconditional Love without also embodying Freedom.
One cannot BE Freedom without embodying U/C Love.

As one clears the karma from U/C Love (invalidates/praises) one first u/c loves the self, and all that this means ... everything then moves into a spiritual perspective
(as we are soul/spirit having the human experience)
Soul is desiring spiritual ascension, ascension is soul evolution, and the only reason for souls existance - so one U/C loves self and soul - and so one will ascend.

One cannot ascend, if one is not totally FREE.
Master or slave to noone - so one does all karma from the polarities of master/slave. (all the karma where one was a master and caused karma (as victim or perpetrator), and all where one being a slave caused karma (victim or perpetrator)

(soul guides us to this clearing work - vital to ones ascension).

As one does this karmic work - and embodies the truths, the unity concepts.
The life exponentially changes.
Ascension deems changes
And just embodying 'FREEDOM' deems changes.

I am guided to not own anything - not be tied into 'securities' or savings. Loan/monetary institutions/taxation even (that keep us attached to the system) We cannot be free with constant observance to loans, or (for me) the constant maintenance of ones home and car.
I, personally, am on the dole - this is my calling in all karma owed (to me, from all the pastlife associations with governmental agencies that have taken without giving anything in return) however, there are many who are guided into 'ascending' types of employment. Jobs that support their ascension, not take all their attention, and drain their chi,(there must be a balance of all giving and receiving in ascension).

Soul decides these changes and orchestrates this changes.
It will be different for everyone.

I have 'surrendered' to soul/Terra and the Ascension dynamic, and it is they they look after every ascending intiate that does this ascension work. One is required to clear all karma on ABUNDANCE .(polarities of poverty/greed) so one can instantly manifest all that one requires for the spiritual ascension journey.
(it is our karma that says we must have more than we need - being needy is karmic. it is our karma that says we must be in lack - where you caused a lack in someone else (in a pastlife situation)
In fact it is all karma, that one cannot create their reality.

But can you see how our attachments to the machine - prevents our authentic freedom.
And as you clear the karma, the requirement to be attached, is all gone (as we only have that particular job, because of karma, and we only have that particular life because of karma - to be FREE is allowing soul to take the helm and guide our very existance.

and then when one is Free (for the very first time in our long existance on this planet) one surrenders this Freedom to soul and Terra.
For Ascension.

In Truth we Ascend
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Re: Freedom from Authority or U/C Love Posted on: 2006/12/8 9:54
Just popping in
2006/5/22 8:25
From Heaven
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True.....through letting go of the need of them, is when we truly find them...

The middle line
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Re: Freedom from Authority or U/C Love Posted on: 2006/12/9 13:11
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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Do you understand, why we put that as Buddha?

It is a Question in the essence of our journey……….

Try too hard on one line and then the other line becomes stronger…..

Learn to let go and sit in the middle, allows us to life them and finally find freedom.....

Yet if we strive against something, that something will become stronger.....

So we have to adapt, as is the way of Yin/Yang one folds into the other....

So when we see both for what they are, then let go of either....we again return to our natural ways...

N B with U
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Re: Freedom from Authority or U/C Love Posted on: 2006/12/10 3:10
Just can't stay away
2006/11/9 0:28
From MD. (U.S.)
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To Pat and all concerned,

It is rare to encounter one who is not just right on the

money, but is also ahead of the game. All that has been said

would be true of ours was a natural process of evolution.

I don't believe that is the reason we are here.

Whether we are the 3rd of the host of Heaven, fallen from

grace, or some other less favorable alternative, we did

something that angered the spirit of the whole. So much so

that he has subjected himself and all of us to a living

nightmare in order to teach us a lesson.

The return to U/C Love begins when you realize you've made

a terrible mistake, drop to your knees, and beg for

forgiveness. Those who remain after the judgment will be

wise to follow Pat's teachings.

The End Decision is not one to be made in this world. Only

apon the return to the metaphysical reality made of Wisdon

and U/C Love, will we be required to choose.

For those who remain in the physical reality, conditional

love, (conditioned on our own benevolence and willingness

to share) and unconditional surrender will be our only


Love, Light, Truth, Peace

the missing link
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