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Help bringing the people of God together regardless of religion Posted on: 2005/2/11 14:40
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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In my life i have had many exsperiences from God
I have no individual religion yet follow all
at 11 i was asked to study all religions by God and by the heavens as moses had done under eygption scholars for anyone who questions from a christian perspective
I also have died before and seen that heaven is oneness
what i knew as a child was correct
Later i was asked to make this site
so any help getting people to see the stuff contained will be appreciated
My name zanda is in many religions as the origianl name of the father as foretold in revelation i also fufilled the prophocy concerning the angel with the small scroll
Not that i am God, yet a child of his and wish all people to hear that heaven is oneness as is God he can not have an image as he is all things
when i died i saw yeshua, buddah, lao tzu and many others sitting around the center of heaven, ie throne of god
Not that there is only one way yet a way the way of God as many have stated, yet each in part

Yonatan i can not find your name, you know when you registered did you click finish, after filling out the info?
If not, you can send me an email or try re-registering,PLZ
i would be intrested to hear what your plans are and what system you plan to use
this one is quite handy for me, yet many say it is hard to use
also it needs to be multilinigual, as there is many peoples i wish to convey what God has shown me as it relates to all religions world wide

So to all who look at this site please help as the world is in a mess and through oneness we can help change it for the better
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