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With most of the world blinded to the truth by the Pharisees, Paul, John Nicodemus and Simon the stone, here is the everlasting gospel version.

Zechariah 11 states that if 30 pieces of silver are paid (by the 3 foolish shepherds, Pharisees, Sadducees and levities [lawyers]) and put into the potter’s field in the house of Israel, inheritance (bonds) and grace (beauty) shall be removed.
So when John Nicodemus, Paul and Simon the stone (Zec 3:9) all shout grace to the plummet line (Zec 4:7) and teach you’ve got free inheritance, the world is already following a lie.
The city that is built upon bloodshed, is the harlot and shall come to nothing (Habakkuk 2), and is established by the foolish shepherd that leaves the flock (Pharisees) for slaughter, (Zec 11:15-17) yet they shall be blind in one eye (they see only one perspective).

Yeshua taught against sacrifice and stated, “If you swear by a sacrifice, your guilty of it (Mat 23:18)”, and if you state “its right a son dies as a sacrifice you defile the law (Mark 7:11)”.
The parable of the vineyard Luke (20:9-19) clearly explains, that it will be the Pharisees that teach you get a free inheritance from the death of Yeshua, yet he clearly said they will be condemned for this.
Judgement day according to (Ezekiel 4:14-5:4) defines that because mankind exchanged animal for man, 2/3 of mankind will be removed by fire.

God never required sacrifice and this is what Balaam’s flaw was, as defined in Micah 6:5-8 and this what the Pharisees (Mat 23) decided for Yeshua, even though he asked them for “mercy and not sacrifice” meaning “the knowledge of God is more important then burnt offerings” (Hosea 6:6).


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