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Why Rabbinic Jews Will Never Accept the Messiah Posted on: 2020/9/2 7:38
2004/3/26 7:04
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Unfortunately this isn't a Christian or Muslim Vs Jew debate, it is the Messiah saying I've been sent by God, and the Rabbinic Jews are automatically disqualified from the Messianic Age for these reasons:

  • They reject Yeshua (H3444), it is a word meaning Salvation in Hebrew. The Spirit of Salvation was placed into the Flesh of David (Psalms 89:19-21 = Isaiah 52:10-14 - Marred = Anointed).

  • Thus in their rejection of Yeshua Ben Joseph, they reject King David returned, the Spirit of Salvation from the Lord, and Yeshua's father, the God Most High (El Elyon).

  • Rabbinic Jews do not understand Yahavah Elohim is an Archangel below El Elyon; it is stated Yahavah shall become Yeshua (Exodus 15:2, Psalms 118, Isaiah 12:2).

  • Hashem is some made up concept, so they don't say Yahavah, which they think is God; when God is El Elyon (High Source of reality), therefore they commit a form of Henotheistic idolatry.

  • Rabbinic Jews make Isaiah 53 about them being sacrificed, when it strictly condemns the idea, that anyone can pay a price to God, and human sacrifice is illegal.

  • By their rejection of much of the texts, they prove they do not accept the teachings from God, and instead follow made up Rabbinic literature, that overwrites the Tanakh.

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