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Why Judgement Day? Posted on: 2023/5/5 12:23
2004/3/26 7:04
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Source is like a projector into this reality, some are more materialistic based, until they are almost completely made out of shadows, and they think they're doing well, when they've obscured their methods from above.

Darkness is the material universe, and is desperate to exist, as its time is short; yet when we let go of all attachment to the physical, we become one again with infinite consciousness.

The darkness can not win, as it doesn't exist unless Source formulates its structuring, and at the Judgement Day Fire, the reality is formatted at a quantum level, so only Source exists, and then reality is recreated.

It is like AI computer viruses, which think they can outsmart the CPU; it only has to cleanse the whole system, to remove all of them in one go.

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