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checkerboard patterns in the sky Posted on: 2006/1/21 1:42
Have you ever seen them? Jets leaving those contrails in patterns. Ever remember what was going on politically or globally at the sametime? Coincidence?

Did you see the sometimes purple patches on the lawn the next morning? Coincidence? What is it?

It's something that will cause things to happen later. When it rains and evaporates so we can breath it into our bodies. Then it turns into a crystal inside your body. Why you ask? (I hope you do)

You remember The Gulf war when the Iraq's surrender in groves, very unusual for a religion that when you die in battle you go to heaven. They used what they called a psych op weapon (which they only said that once on the news never to be spoke again).

This was a byproduct of Haarp. Beamed from planes overhead. Using differant frequency they can cause certain behavour. OK, what's that got to do with the contrails in the sky? How do crystals react to frequency? If that purple stuff grows with seed planted in the gound, what happens?

Some suggested reading: Montauk Project by Preston Nichols and book two: Montauk Revisited by Preston Nichols. I don't recommend book three I felt that there was disinformation in that book, but you decide for your self.

These two books go into Haarp, aliens and more. Do not despair. There is good news in there too.

I also recommend the website

We'll talk more later. Go in Peace

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Re: checkerboard patterns in the sky Posted on: 2006/1/22 0:48
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
From Stockton California
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I got a dead link there Pete.
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Re: checkerboard patterns in the sky Posted on: 2006/1/22 3:01
David, sorry that site seems to have been hijacked. try this one Please forgive me, Pete
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Re: checkerboard patterns in the sky Posted on: 2006/1/25 1:45
Why does someone want to control us? The same reason they changed the bible at Alexandria. They may think they have our best intentions at heart but, what about our free will?

This is an old, old story. Power! Sometimes people control other out of fear of what they don't know or understand. Sometimes, it's just for the power. The checkerboard in the sky? Just a new way to control the people with out them knowing.

They suppress the technology. ie at the impieral war museum in the MI6 section they have a microphone pen there dated 1964 they were using surface mount technology. In the commercal world, we din't start using that till 12-15 years ago.

Are we doomed? NO!!! Keep praying, Meditating and think good thought. God Bless.
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