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The Path of Truth Posted on: 2006/2/28 14:07
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2005/9/25 0:48
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True love is not defined by law. The most precious gift one can give in this life is time itself.

Become individuals and speak what it is you wish to speak. Organizations swollow us and limit our messages. When we all work together towards a common cause independently, the message is much larger and reaches a wider audience. Be brave, put yourself out there for everyone to see.

Omnipotence is not perfection. It is potential. My god is not a who, it's a what. God is the Universe and all that lay within. One is a reflection of the universe. Anything one wishes to know, one has the potential of knowing, anything one wishes to do, one has the potential of doing. One has potential. Everything that is the creator, is a part of you too. The creator gave birth to you. The creator gave birth to all. We all share the creators DNA so to speak. I appreciate your concern for me... but MY concern is for the people. I am fine. Look at this world, look what we fight over. Look where we are headed... and you are concerned for me? Okay... :) God is all that is, that is all that needs to be said. All that is, is all that is. You are included. One is in control. You are your God. When one seeks truth, in actuality one does not pray to a pre-conceived "religious" God. One asks one's self in confidence.
All powerful? Yes, without the mind one is not here, now you tell me what is all powerful and controls one's very reality and existence? It is the mind. Therefore the mind is capable of, and is omnipotent. One has unlimited power and authority over one's self. One creates and controls everything that one so desires, when one realizes this, one can really begin to take control. One will notice it if one ever does it. If God is all that is, then God is all that is. That means mistakes too, but in quantum universal extro-spection(view from outside all that is biased, all that one has been taught.. watch the universe move and spin from outside of this universe and these pre-conceived notions of this reality) when viewing things from outside of this minds restrictions and hardwired ways of working ; There is no conceptualization of consistencies without expectation, all things are simply natural. Naturalness, no wrongs, no rights. They are happenning with the natural flow of things. Things are because they are. When one can accept this, one will realize even more of what I speak. Yet, that is the big picture, the small picture is ; One can correct one's own mental faults that are, whenever to be desired, finally recognized. The best advice I can give is to take control of your life. Stop asking questions and seeking answers, instead seek truth. Be kind and gentle to everyone. It's easy to act off of instinct, our instinct is not always to be nice. If you are always thinking about being nice and honest, you are thinking correctly. You will naturally become more smart. Your brain will constantly be seeking truth instead of winning and ego. I just woke up here, so good morning :) One's attitude should effect one's success and failure, not the other way around. One can even be in control one's own death ; one can stop one's own heart. One can take one's own life. The responsibility is ours. The heaven or hell that you speak of can be reached here on this Earth. Success gains its beauty and respect in nakedness. One need not material objects to prove one's success, one's success should be measured mentally, spiritually and emotionally. When one doubts (one's self), one doubts all that is. Don't ever doubt, always have confidence, contemplation is best. Doubting does not seek truth, it seeks excuse, it seeks failure. To effect the future, we must act in what is the perceived present.

I opened up so that more of my kind who naturally understand will come forward in the future and guide us back to love and peace. It is true... to understand creation... you must also understand its faults. You understand its naturalness... you understand man's ego and expectation. You understand yourself. :) Perfection can be found in imperfection. The creator just is. We must accept that the creator is the creation, and in being so that we are capable of being the creator.. Now let's do the best that he/she/it/US are capable of. We are the change, we are the responsibility... all that we seek is within us and we are all within one another.

Why do we deny what the future will bring when there is no change in the people that are living it.

Anything and everything you've ever wanted to change... just do it... starting today your book is empty. Write a new story.

Fallacies cannot be discussed in truth, only debated. There is no peace in a paradox, except for acceptance of the paradox, and a paradox is not the truth that is to be settled on.
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