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Its time the world changed to 13 months and 28 days Posted on: 2006/4/17 12:22
2004/3/26 7:04
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To start let me explain there is 365 days in a year divide, this by 28 days, that are in both a Luna cycle and a women’s menstrual cycle and you get 13.1

We have divine calendar!! yet we choose to stick with roman time which is adding extra complication to every day life.

I have seen so many women, when you ask them when their period is, they find it hard to correlate the time to the month, as it is always changing we need to do something to fix this.

Here is a site I jus found on the subject explaining a few more things.

Now if we did have 13 months and 28 days, then every woman would be able to work out their period so quickly can you imagine if you are women the ease this would add.

Also for men you would understand your time of the month also; even though we forget it, we do have one, according to the Luna cycle in preparation for procreation.

Also there would no more confusing our kid with daft poems to remember the amount of days in a month as it is so complicated.

I will try and find a calendar system to add directly to the sites; so that instead of it showing the old system, it shows the way it should be and gives all 13 months.

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