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Addictive personalities Posted on: 2006/8/16 15:16
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Now with many people hooked on some part of life and some of those lost in a trail of bad addictions; this is to show how every addiction is the same source a need for dopamine and understanding that is how to fix the issue.

Now many people assume a drug addict is something different to them self and in this is why we start on the subject.
As many people we all meet at some point get hooked on a bad addiction; yet is this any different to some of us who have to have a coffee in the morning or play squash every Sunday.
It’s the same thing a need for this lack of dopamine, now what does stimulate dopamine, would help explaining for those who don’t know.
It is the chemical released by the brain when you enjoy your self, now this can stem from many sources or activities, yet is this same chemical.
Now with the mistake in many peoples languages of missing unconditional love we have missed that and many presume this to be love and missing the real love that is already there.
Now in some of us we try everything searching desperately for this chemical released when we enjoy our self’s.
Now some believe the drugs made this and this is sort of a big error by the church as the church is responsible whether they like it or not.
As when the Bible contains cannabis as being holy as do a lot of other religions this stems right back to a shaman and in that Christ was a shaman as clearly written.
Yet that is separate point and can get very long winded, for those who want we will explain where and why yet given the anointing oil contains cannabis as written and officially announced in 1980 it can not be called a drug, if it is holy and as such then a large epidemic of cannabis users with no additional support would solve so many problems.
As officially due to this every church should endorse cannabis use and give it a way freely, now this is on the subject of another chemical as it is vitamin M
Dopamine is then produced by said Andamide which is also stimulated by the sexual organs, so considering we are dealing with a root of brain activity.
Do you not see when half of us swap from one dopamine stimulant to another and due to complete disrespect of any religious books world wide the church condemns that of its own book?
Now this may sound to many we have got it all back to front and we will say the world has, as we can prove all of this daily and are willing to go to trial to prove said facts, yet how many can say the opposite.
So all these dogmatic people who instantaneously go against most of that already, it isn’t a thing of a drug yet a medicine that dates back through out our world, it heals many things from asthma leprosy ms and so many other Christ was called a magician by many.
Yet all it is the holy anointing oil, now the point being is it relatives and awakens the senses without cannabis only partially and maybe allowing this to be encouraged may help reduce this ego in every church we have been in.
It is disgusting especially when hell is ego, and so in that we have to wake up a bit and smell the coffee oops another vitamin oh and chocolate.
Now people also get addicted to them also containing Andamide and vitamins the stimulates the senses.
Now instead of people getting hooked on heroine and man made pharmaceuticals why not make the oil as intended and then we can have real world as it was before we banned the many soma i.e. for those who haven’t read brave new world the substance given to relax the nations…now that isn’t something new it is simply a Christian?
So really who are most Christians kidding? Them self’s our children and our children’s kids, if something doesn’t change about this.
Anyways we will get that to be an article, yet first there is a large section of understanding on addictions with everyone included as all have addictions, it is just recognizing dogmatic behaviour in our self’s and that is in fact an addiction so we swap and change, yet really can we fix it? Nope not by our self’s not that I know of, and anyone else who is human for that matter.
So if you can see all addictions come from one source lack of Andamide being constant bliss this can be maintained by humming or meditation as Buddhist like to call that, yet really it is an art of melody that we all have, it is not allowing your heart to be filled up with tacky rhythms to say the least.
That helps understand it is in all and we can hum all day releases Andamide chocolate does, yet slightly where as cannabis not dried yet made as perfumer would as to allow the pure essences of it to be added to oils causes them to bond, and in that we have multivitamin cleansing oil that was intended 2000 years ago.

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