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Frequency acceleration and the oncoming Global take over Posted on: 2007/1/10 20:08
2004/3/26 7:04
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With half the world getting faster and a large section of it not wanting to as always..I am most curious as to what is going to happen...

As in the past it was one, we had tribal party and a lead drummer, now gradually over the time line of our history the speed of rhythm got slowed force!

A large part is in 666 AD by the Roman Catholic church who took all the old folk songs and de-tuned these and slowed the rhythm for church organs.
Then if any of us took the same music out into the country and praised the way we wanted they killed us all.

Now that is the main point in my question today; it's not just an age thing with the speed of tempo, yet a light and dark.

You see what many Church goers would class as evil as it is too fast..regretfully have to inform all of them said people that higher vibration is light!
Low dense vibration is of course dark and why the church de-tuned our music to begin with!

Now in the past they had power over us through this...yet today it is wide stream and many of our young being raised on a higher vibration of music...

Now for any shaman who has played at over 200 beats per minute, we haven't even begun to listen at the speed the human consciousness is possible of, or the speed at which we can play and accelerate our consciousness...

Point being is, it accelerates conscious learning and the speed at which we interact...

So today after going to the church and see what we can do to open the doors more..

It left me with a bad taste in my mouth, it would be alright if they could see spirit as anyone of a faster vibration can; yet they don't, so instead gives me the chance to observe and see if we can put in input without the need of proclaiming anything over them...

Reason for saying it is some point we may have to, as many of us are growing in this faster light acceleration.

Now there are no places for us, we are not allowed raves?
We are allowed commercialised alcohol clubs?

I don't drink, I deem it evil to do so, so why on earth would I want to mix in a smoke filled room full of none Godly peoples?
If I wanted to do that I would stick with the churches!

Point being churches are meant to be Godly places, music is from God (devil uses idle hands? Musicians hands are not idle)

As Osiris (Melchezedek) taught Abraham the ways of praise, it was that of music and continuous, not some droning old song that makes you feel dull and grey, yet jumping and dancing for Joy!

So as soon as we are ready we are taking over the churches and allowing our young peoples a place to dance, enjoy each others company and not need alcohol in the process.

Well aware that they are at the moment a demons hide out, in the fact most peoples in them I do not know from heaven, a few we recognize, yet very few...and in fact they are neither hot nor cold with the people they mix with.

Have to remember if they are doing well down here, it normal has another in most cases, they don't help people get into heaven, they keep them here and so gain riches from here!

Anyways looking at this whole thing of the separation of culture through the separation of frequency, is quite a large point and something that can be looked at from many angles....
Politicians don't just speak slowly to be understood, yet as many are that sort of dull peoples.
Now consider also that the speed of communication and frequency is also related to consciousness and creativity, it isn't hard to see why we are living in chaos.

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