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In Ancient Greece Alcohol was Prohibited, Entheogens Encouraged Posted on: 2020/8/28 7:36
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205-210 Then Metaneira offered her [Demeter] a cup, having filled it with honey-sweet wine.
But she refused, saying that it was divinely ordained that she not
drink red wine. Then she [Demeter] ordered her [Metaneira] to mix some barley and water
with delicate pennyroyal, and to give her [Demeter] that potion to drink.
So she [Metaneira] made the kukeôn[19] and offered it to the goddess, just as she had ordered.
The Lady known far and wide as Dêô[20] accepted it, for the sake of the hosia.[21]

Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Alcohol damages the brain, entheogens make us smarter.

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