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David Goodpasture
Common ground. World unity. Now. Posted on: 2006/3/1 9:42
=->David Goodpasture
More explaining. Common ground. World Unity.

I come here to be understood and to share how you can maximize the experience of this existence by setting no limitations on yourself, that is the omnipotency that I speak of. I don't speak of these things intending for someone to spend all of their time trying to prove me wrong. I know what I speak of is already right. I just want someone, if only just one person, to understand me, every change counts. Get motivation and enthusiasm from what I tell them and perhaps change their life for the better. I'm not selling religion. I'm not selling books. I'm sharing a state of mind that has been reached through seeking what it was that I wished to discover and possess, which I am now achieving. You must research and be well informed on this subject of Eastern religions and some of the things that their Monks are capable of. Nazi Germany and their total body/mind control. I have no doubts anymore, after witnessing with my own experiences and others as well, that almost anything can and will be done in time by only using the mind. Many of you reading this probably claim to be Christian and believe in a God that is correct. A religion that preaches that only Christians will make it to heaven because you must accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your saviour. It's this ignorance that brings about world division and war. It is simply and obviously illogical to make such a conclusion when there are hundreds, if not thousands of other religions in the world that you fail to recognize. Again, for world peace to be achieved we must recognize WHAT our God is. It will be this common God, and I have given you the answers. There is no room for the ignorance and death that is brought about in fighting over the "who" of Gods and prophets. If it's logic and reasoning you seek. I'm right here, don't be afraid to be my friend because I am different. :) How can someone (me) who seeks truth, peace and honesty, ever betray you? I find it harder and harder to even argue anymore, it's a waste of time. Negativity is a waste of time. This life is ONE, there is not another. Maximize your efficiency. Life is not found in death. It is found here and now. We all have the potential to create heaven here on Earth, yet we have been misinformed that this is only for an afterlife. If that is what you accept then you will never reach the potential and state of mind that is needed to create a peaceful world. You can create heaven in your mind at this very moment. It is not taboo. The idea was given to us, for us to sieze, not to push away into the idea of fairy tale and non-existence.

Make change happen. Start with yourself. Understand and accept the world around you. Drop ego. No matter how badly you want it to be true, claiming Jesus as your saviour and praying to God everyday will not bring about peace. Our actions towards one another will. This IS how we get into heaven, by following what it was that Jesus preached, not worshipping him. And this heaven can be here and now. The prophets gave us the answer. They were not here to be worshipped... they were to be understood so that we could be what it was that they preached.
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Re: Common ground. World unity. Now. Posted on: 2006/3/3 15:57
Yes this makes sense. I beleive as you do and I am about the be booted out of my congregation of Messianic Jews for saying so. I have been so frustrated by the dogmatic views of worshippers of the One God that so easily condems all those around them.

If we are an enamation in God's image then we are creatures who create; who are defined by dicersity; who are constantly evolving; constantly striving ( for the most part ) to elevate ourselves towards a single humanity.
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