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Have a spiritual breakfast now ! -Raymond Gallaz-Geneva Switzerland-Reiki Master
Pondering and wondering on the nature of man and God -
One with a thousand questions and the other with a thousand names and answers-This young poet reminds one of Khalil Gibran witha touch af Tagore.We are sure that his delicious "Ponder Awhile" will give to the seeker of truth a longing for it and a taste of who we really are.

The mstics,sages define pekm or song as praise to the Lord,
When i wrote I hope I give justice accord.
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Personal Statement Poet author of Ponder Awhile.
While sailing in the Merchant Navy I went into a state of Samadhi or got Enlightened and have written this book to share the knowlede I have gained.
Knowledge leads to understanding which leads to peace and the finally love which is the basic fabrix of this universe or God.
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27.Ponder Awhile by Mohit.K.Misra
39.he Prophet by Khalil Gibran


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