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Bed of Adultery

The Bed of Adultery is that Isaiah 28:9-19 makes a symbolic Bed, from post to post; which is recorded in Isaiah 28:20-21, that it is stretched between the posts.

The post go from Rumour to Rumour, the word Shemuah (H8052) is Rumour, and is used in Isaiah 53:1 contextually; that we should look to the additional data that is revealed.

In Ezekiel 7:26 it states Rumour to Rumour, where it shows this was a context understood by the prophets.

In Revelation 2:22 those who don't realize the context will be destroyed in the Great Tribulation.

In the Bed lies Yeshua (Isaiah 28:16), where he wasn't murdered as a sin sacrifice, and those who believe it commit a crime (Isaiah 53:10); due to some making a covenant with Yeshua dying, some believe when the Judgement comes, they will be spared by his death.

If we read the sheets of the Bed, their covenant with death was dis-annulled before it was even thought about; where the whole thing acts as a Snare to those who've listened to Yeshua's Testimony & the Law (Isaiah 8:11-22).
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