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Christianity from its very origin has always been Anti-Christ's Teachings, it was established on the teachings of Simon and Paul, who were both Pharisaic.

Both of them believed that Yeshua had come to die for the sins of the world, when Yeshua came to set a Snare by seeing who truly listens to his Testimony, and the Law as stated in Isaiah 9:11-22.

Modern Christianity is built on the teachings of John, Paul, and Simon.

When Revelation 16:13-14 references 3 frogs coming out of the Beast (Pauline Roman Christianity), Dragon (The Gospel of John claims to be the words of Yeshua, yet speaks like an idol/dragon), and Simon wasn't a prophet, yet speaks like one.

Though the terminology Christian originally meant a follower of the Christ; the Ebionites were the original followers, and Paul systematically rewrote their concepts into Christianity.
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