Oneness - True Faith
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Ego is disease and I warn anyone, if you know someone with one be careful they are dangerous and very contagious.
Ego's are the demons spoken of by Yeshua, through huge Ego's we cause illness not only in our self's, yet in other around us.
Drinking alcohol does not help and produces a huge ego or chip on peoples shoulder. This is where the fall of man was and still is when we see people drink and fall.

Ego is also to say you know you know more then anyone else does; we are all learning even God and there are many levels we may understand some more then others, yet if you rise your self above a person this is then the lower.
Ego is also to say "I have Got something" this is very lacking really, as by proclaiming you have, one people see they haven't and also then in its place what are you missing that you need to entertain your self through telling others how you have more?
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