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Elohim (H430) is a plural of Eloh (H433).

When we study the way the details of the language is used in the Ancient Hebrew Bible, we can show that Job defined Eloh 'And' the Almighty as distinct from each other.

When we look at David in his Psalms appointed El Elyon (God Most High) 'And' Yahavah Eloh/Elohim.

El means Source or Unto in Ancient Hebrew, when we add a H it, it means a divine being breathed into reality or manifest.

When Abram became Abraham and Sara became Sarah the H breathed into them was the breath of Source/God.

Therefore Eloh implies a Divine Being breathed by Source, it doesn't mean God which is without form, and has no Being/Self; it is everything. It is a form of idolatry, and henotheism to make a Divine Being into God, as Source is beyond the parts.

Elohim means Divine Beings plural, and is in reference to the whole Divine Council of Archangels made by Source.

If we want to pluralize El it becomes Elim, and we can find this in Psalms 89:7, 29:1.

In the Curse of Moses, and the reason for the Judgement Day Fire in Deuteronomy 32:15-22, it says because people no longer recognize El (Source) is all that should be worshipped, and worship the wrong Divine Being (Eloh) they've made up, God will remove them for being idolatrous henotheist.
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