Oneness - True Faith
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Oneness is the real name of heaven, as in you can't give it a name, yet that is what heaven is...

Oneness is a feeling we all have inside us, the further you go seeking this the harder it becomes, it is there in us, when we sit still long enough to feel our inner thoughts.

Also if you remember when you were very younger that was Oneness, before greed and want got into us or over us.
Where life is simple and about having fun to begin with, not how much we can be above another, yet how we can make everyone have more fun and live together as one family.

The opposite to Oneness and the simplest you can get to what is required to enter heaven and what is not is EGO is at the bottom and Oneness is at the top, to be at one makes you feel good, the other makes you feel good, yet others then feel bad.
So when we let go of our own EGO's others can and so the world can progress to live at one and then move into its final age of enlightenment.
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