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Paul the Anti-Christ

Paul contradicts Christ on many points (when something contradicts this makes it Anti) many of our Top Theologians have noticed this.

There are many Articles throughout this site, on the ending of Paul's teachings in opposed to Christ.

As what Christ said was easy for most of us to take in, what Paul re-iterated and in many places re-wrote is hard for any of us to understand or even then, for any of us to follow the commandments; as he teaches you to break most of them.

Paul was an X Member of the Pharisee, (he says) yet his ministry and now opposing church is still Pharisee and doesn't follow Christ.

Which is strange as the ones most opposing Christ, are the said people whom claim to follow him by claiming Christ a sacrifice

Making them self's Workers of Iniquity as they follow Balaam Teachings

So making the Mother of all Harlots, all of Christianity,

which according to the Bibles meaning of the words, follows a Dragon and makes its self a cult (according to the dictionary).
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