The 7th Beggar has Rejected Messianic Prophecy for the Rabbinic Jews

Posted by wizanda on 1629644881
So this is published for mankind before Judgement Day comes...

I've known since early childhood I'm sent from Heaven with my name in the world's religious texts.

There is a professor of Kabbalah on Paltalk chat system who I've spent the last 15 years+ pleading with as prophesied, to save the people. His nickname is The Seventh Beggar which is from the tale by Rabbi Nachman, where the 7th Beggar is prophesied to inspire the Young King to regain his kingdom.

Instead the 7th Beggar has asked for the date of when Israel will be destroyed, to try to prove me as false; without actually analysing the world's religious text, which confirms the data I've been sent with.

I've known since 4-6 years old, that the New Testament was corrupted on purpose; where with study we can show John, Paul, and Simon the stone (peter) were all Pharisaic. This has lead to people not understanding contexts, and inevitably will soon allow for WW3; where the Zionist/Rabbinic Jews will be wiped out according to prophecy.

I was told by God at the fulfilment of Revelation 10 that Yeshua came to set a Snare to catch out the hypocrites; this was prophesied in Isaiah 8:11-22, which then creates the Bed of Adultery in Isaiah 28:9-19.

As someone sent from Heaven, and having had a NDE at 21; Isaiah 46:9 is trying to correct the theological structuring, where El (Source of reality) is not like the Elohim (Divine Beings/Archangels). Since Babylon the Rabbi have muddled theology, and Isaiah is prophesying to go back to Deuteronomy 32:7-9's theological structuring. Deuteronomy 32:15-22 explains many will be removed for being Henotheists in the Judgement Day Fire.

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