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A Love more boundless and cherished less and accepted more every moment. Free of attachment, concerns for self gratification, my own self centered happiness, grasping, the possession of the other and disappointments such as: conflicts, jealousy, rage, and resentments that build like water pressing behind a dam ready to burst at the seems.

My love exists for a greater purpose than I knew before and have yet to discover. It is everlasting, time untouched as it passes through the most remote and closed off hearts. Let my presence be the vehicle for which this love rides like a wave upon the sea.

Allow freedom of its movement to grow with each tide and bring forth the love and wisdom our world so desparately craves. Why do we not see truth before our eyes? Have we been blinded by the sands of the times?

Those who desire its release, stand also to await its full expression and arrival into their hearts and souls. As the wave crashes upon them enveloping their totality, they recognize the oneness again and it is refreshing. This merging with the Infinite and union all at once. Presence began. The momentum of this flooding through One and touching all the drops in the sea. One heart, One soul, united Infinitely.

Accept freedom for I send this willingly and in gratitude now. Allow its softness to caress and sooth, allow not the under tows to drag you under the sea where emotion consumes and threatens to drown the essence and connection to all that is of this earth. Rather ride the waves, be as a drop upon the sea with me. So in awe am I to give even once, to nurture and quench the thirst of the one who asks, how humble I am too receive when it is recognized I stand in need and thirst for drink, truth, a wisdom to behold.

Love and Gratitude, suzyq
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