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  1. Wizanda's Quotes
    Here is our quotes over the years in one place; feel free to share.
  2. A Democratic Oneness Religion Evolution
    Defining a new universal system, that we already call Oneness.
  3. Where El & Eloh Are Not the Same
    Religion has been confused since Babylon, as the Bible was about the Creator Divine Being, with the God Most High above him.
  4. Why Jehovah Isn't a Name for God
    Religions are divided due to theological incompatibilities, and by correcting that Jehovah is a description, and not a name, this could help unify religion globally.
  5. Why Did God Allow Yeshua to be Crucified?
    What the majority believe about Christ being crucified, is the exact opposite, and here is an explanation of why the world has already been lead to be anti-Christ's doctrine.