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One World's Religions

All religions already interlink in their own special way...
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Here is something that makes our spirit frown,
Really gets us down:
Is it not written,
In all that we read,
From man comes greed?
We implore you,
We plead;
Be not deceived,
For all has been conceived by God;
Though man really is a sod.
We twist bits in even how it's wrote;
For man is like a goat.
We try and say it clear;
Yet it isn't always as meant,
Thus we should try use our own better judgment.
Don't get me wrong,
It is the Lord's song;
Yet we can twist bits,
Whilst still thinking we're legit.
Not that the books aren't right,
It's just a lot of man's insight;
In plight,
Which is probably why we fight,
Over which one is right.
If we read it all,
Then we may walk tall;
As finally we can then learn to see,
There is just one God of infinity.
With many names,
All the same;
Different pieces,
From the same species.
Puzzles of the game,
Yet take it at a glance,
To yet enhance.
Don't fill our mind with clutter,
That then gets all a flutter;
Don't just mutter,
Or Fall in the gutter,
As the path is slippery like butter.
Be aware,
Perhaps even dare,
Be strong in the facts;
God is more than that.
We see it in each,
Then finally we might teach;
Instead of leach.
Don't say they are different castes,
That was in the past.
Everyone holds its own:
Zen has a koan,
Ways of God,
Through nature on loan.
Through the creation;
The creator is shown.
Reincarnation goes round,
For Buddha's are found.
Yeshua did sound,
The Bible is pictures of a history book;
Often over looked.
Many things happen again,
The Quran is the same,
Argues with Christians,
Because of blame;
Which is a shame,
When they come from the same.
Mixed up with the name,
Shiva is Hindu,
The Lord of the dance;
Brahma is one,
Creator of the song.
The Tao is complex poems,
Which are really flowing.
Water is a truth,
It is in us as a youth;
Simple and proof.
One ultimate teacher,
Never a preacher;
Do something wrong,
We won't last long.
God is all the song,
We live in Zion.
Wisdom is the key;
Unconditional Love is the answer.
Heaven is all we see,
So let us learn to be free,
And work together in harmony.
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