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User Guide To Wiz-And-A Systems

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Now we could explain this in great detail of its many features as you see here...
Yet it is what you make it that counts.
AS this is beyond a Blog, news articles, Wiki, directory and with this it allows us to add anything the heart chooses for others to see and discuss.

So when you add an article the idea is from what you have seen in the rest of the guide it that you can add arrange your own pages as can any friend of ours.
Each page is adjustable by you and even can be saved in the database until you are ready to publish, yet don't leave it to long as the system may see it and think the article isn't needed.
As these systems you see are built by very cool people indeed who are working for nothing on making the web a place we can all call home as we have also in making things for this site.
So this isn't about proclaiming you’re self above OTHERS yet to be at one with all as a big family and help and share information we can all use.
Now in no ways must laws be broken in terms of copy writes as in that if it is some one else’s and you wish to add it, this is breaking copy right act.
Yet if you make a window using an Iframe then you can allow a link to anyone’s page as there are not laws for looking through windows and if they did??
None of us could go out as that would be making it you couldn't even glance a person’s living room and see in through a window.
Well as you will find on many of pages and including spiritual >-->QueZanLink which is our quick links for surfing.

So have fun be good help and write and the one day when we all look back and our children read a guide like this you wrote.
You know you did a good job in showing others the better side of life and the things that can be achieved with true faith which we all have from trying to understand our own spirits and to do that we all have had a low in life at some point and turned to the invisible force we call God.
When really it is all good that we turn to and we need not give it a name as this in its self is blaspheme and so leading to chaos we now have.
so in all articles for here remember this and we will all achieve religious unity as there was never religions there was discussion of spirituality which is dual and now we begin to see through a study of all a way to Spiritology where all women have two eggs and all life is dual in approach yet people don't want confusion of where or what they must choose and that is mans liking as in to make profit from true prophets.
So if they charge in any way shape or form for spiritual books then it is a religion and makes a pact!

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