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Spiritually enlightening poetry, and poems that uplift the soul.
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  1. The Mother's pain
    A dream I had about Yeshua death, where I was witnessed his death with his eyes, it hurt more of my mothers feelings for her sons death; expressed as a poem.
  2. The 13th Commandments
    People say, “Where is the Way?”Here is a path,Oh so clear;No longer have fear,It makes us unclear.Then we will missteer;End up unaware;If we care,To dare,It's always there.Right From the start,We are taught the truth;Right back to the start of our yout...
  3. Vision
    Vision without reason holds the grass is not as green, yetthe side that were all looking from we haven't really seen.Consider all emotion using reason as a guide, and seethat vision narrows faced with compromise or pride.To never change one's vantage p...
  4. I Am Many
    I think, I reason, I infer, I assume,I provoke, I proclaim, I inspire, I presume.I secceed, I fail, I worry, I guess,I interpret, I examine, I judge, I asses.I trust, I believe, I forgive, I forget,I retain, I repeat, I support, I upset.I imply, I conf...
  5. What Really Matters???
    Whether it vibrates or makes any sound?The number of thingies that circle around?Whether it travels in clusters or waves?The time that it takes or the time that it saves?In the door, on the floor, in a brown paper bag,layed out straight in a line or in...
  6. To seek Oneness
    Small rewards are offered those who sacrifice and teach.Wisdom has no value now and virtue's out of reach.Social values grant us great rewards for games we play.The sons of man divided into predators and pray.When will we realize that virtue is it's ow...
  7. The Dawn
    Infinitely perpetual;A Calm, an arousing.Tranquil in motion,Not moving;Yet ever changing.Instantly still;Clearing a path for the mind to follow.Perfectly slowly,Yet how beautifully composed.
  8. Instincts
    Here is something that makes us think,It's that feeling instinct;Haven't we noticed how fast the feeling goes?We don't even really feel it in our toes.It could be called extinct,As that is how it makes us think;Especially if we've had a drink,As then w...
  9. Contrast Truth
    So here we are now,Yet what to do from here;We need to be clear,Sought out what should be right,Without the plight.Stop the pain,Don't start again.The thing to be done,Is to take from the sun,The love that flows through everyone.To take,That's a mistak...
  10. Future's Reality
    What is meant to be, we see,For the future holds the truth of uncertainty.In understanding our mind wanders free;Yet do not travel so fast, As to shape the reality of now in our mind.As energy, energy, energy,First we must find;To take of is wrong,Love...
  11. Listening
    You say what's next,We tell you here and Now;If we are pure of heart,That's a start.When in harmony,The words flow,From where,Why care?With each day,There comes a new melody,To tell afresh,Of life's tests.
  12. Carry On
    Now no fear or thoughts of despair;It's time to hear,And not be unaware.Be strong,Ever on;Keep with the song,So others can see,How to be in harmony.So if we have trust in ourselves,And don't just put it on a shelf;To say, "What are we doing here anyway?"
  13. A Tapestry
    The laws of chance,Yet enhance;To show some light,To show some sight.So don't fight,From our plight;A caution said,For it's in our head,And until we read,We forget from where we came.When wasn't that by chance,It could be said;So take heed,Refrain from...
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