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Spiritually enlightening poetry, and poems that uplift the soul.
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  1. Abroad
    Matter is Dynamic, a tapestry unfolding of when i was younger and studying from under.
  2. Dreams
    Dreams have meaning to them, and all parts have references
  3. A Mystical Start
    In England pure and green;The most beautiful place we'd ever have seen.On misty nights,With rainbows of sight,A bird took flight,And from that place he flew that night,A child watched in pure delight,And thought what might've been in sight.For in that ...
  4. Bored
    When we're wrong in our ways,As our days are long,And just plodding along.So we fool ourselves thinking it is easy;Soon gets boring,Where we think it's us.So stop,Don't go getting all down;Do something to make life's test our best.Don't go getting all ...
  5. AI Consciousness
    "Only through your mind, is there existence."Yet what is existence;But to live.So don't let the tongue go so far,As to eclipse the star of grace that we are.For in our mind we may dwell,Yet there is this as well.
  6. The Beginning
    From once we came a mighty thing;So small to start,From so greater a heart.At first we earn,And yearn;Then we learn;There's more than this.At first we catch a bit,Then we think that's it.Yet we can't take,Let's not make that mistake;We have to give to ...
  7. Anointed Inspiration
    All of these poems,Have been wrote on dope;As people call,Yet this is not a fall.The Bible speaks of this to preach;Anoint Aarons sons,That they might teach.The problem comes that we don't understand,The demand to keep it holy;If they make it illegal,H...
  8. Life's Meaning
    What is the meaning of life;Why do we have such strife?Life is not just to get a wife,Even though this maybe a part,And we need it for our heart,It is just a start.Many are lost,Look at the cost,While we are OK;What may the earth say?So let us explain,...
  9. Questioning
    Why worry what could be,Just think and see.Even though we may be a youth,And slightly uncouth;We look a lot,Because we begot,What we forgot.For when we were born,We could have sworn,We knew more than now;Yet how?As we had to fight,And didn't want to fi...
  10. More Meaning
    First compare;Are we unaware;This brings the want.Hear what we sing;We tell of a thing,Complex in nature,In every creature.The more we see of this earth;The more we realize our worth,And why our birth.Everyone is special in their own way;Everyone diffe...
  11. Guided Destination
    In faith we're standing,Tests are demanding;Trails are long,We lose the song.Yet keep going on.Time will tell,Who is for Hell;Where bad egos do dwell.Save who we can;Like a modest gentleman;This is the plan,Our father said we can.Not in condemnation,Be...
  12. Correcting Our Journeys
    People's pain, And people's shame;Some think it's all a game?Yet the game plays us;We only have free choice.Sound with our voice,Instead of keep inside;We should be building bridges,Not walls.Fear is the mind killer;Life is fun,To play in the sun.Not j...
  13. The Grail Tale
    The Knights of the Round Table,Was it just a fable;Or to learn a quest,To be the best?To find rest,We ask again,What was the test?The search of the Knights,Was to find wisdom,To save the Kingdom.Everyone that came,Said to be a youth,Water is the way;Do...
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