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Forum Blame Equals Bad Maths
  wizanda (2020/1/20 11:43:18)
Forum Where the Eagles Gather?
  wizanda (2020/1/16 9:53:21)
Forum How Zion is the Name of the Messiah
  wizanda (2020/1/15 10:00:01)
Forum The Word 'jesus' is a Swear Word
  wizanda (2020/1/12 18:30:16)
Forum Cannabis is a Superfood
  wizanda (2020/1/12 17:53:13)
Forum Do People Realize the Messiah is on Religious Forums Before Judgement Day?
  wizanda (2020/1/12 6:41:25)
Forum How Can Oneness be Achieved?
  wizanda (2020/1/8 11:51:54)
Forum Are All Religious Labels Detrimental to Progress?
  wizanda (2020/1/8 9:47:21)
Forum Fixing the World's Religions Through Logic
  wizanda (2020/1/7 9:54:11)
Forum Do People Realize for Moses's Statements to be True, the Zionist Will Soon be Removed?
  wizanda (2020/1/7 9:34:34)
Forum Isaiah 13:10 Prophesied Betelgeuse Will go Supernova
  wizanda (2020/1/3 11:14:28)
Forum How to Quit Smoking Tabacco
  wizanda (2019/12/22 17:58:47)
Forum Why Are Baha'i Trying To Cause Division Among the Religions?
  wizanda (2019/12/21 13:57:33)
Forum Yeshua Warned Baha'u'llah's "I Am" Statements are False
  wizanda (2019/12/16 8:35:53)
Forum Source is 100% Maths
  wizanda (2019/12/14 10:07:20)
Forum What is Baptism in the Name?
  wizanda (2019/12/1 8:10:26)
Forum Why Does An Archangel From Heaven Have to Debate For Years They Exist?
  wizanda (2019/11/27 10:14:36)
Forum Can the Messiah Marry Israel Before the Dross is Removed?
  wizanda (2019/11/25 10:12:38)
Forum Why the Lamb in Revelation is Zion
  wizanda (2019/11/19 9:27:08)
Forum Balancing High's And Low's
  wizanda (2019/11/12 1:49:44)
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