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Seeing Water's Route

Where do we go,
What do we do;
How can we find a path,
We ask ourselves?
With all our wealth,
And all our stealth,
We still don't know where life delves.
Yet in faith,
We find relief;
From such grieve.
Who knows what tomorrow brings;
Now this is the thing,
Here what we sing:
We don't play the game,
The game plays us;
We only have free choice.
So what to do next,
Don't go getting all vexed;
Follow the flow,
Like the valley we know,
That will surely show.
For water always chooses the lowest path;
Yes the valley may wind and turn,
At some points even churn.
Don't rise up to earn or yearn,
This is why we gurn,
And gnash our teeth.
It's harder we see,
Then simply to be free.
In the valley clear,
Without the strife;
Obstacles we may find,
Yet as hurdles they'll come,
Shouldn't make us all glum.
All we have to do is to find a path.
Through a must,
We learn to adjust;
Then aim to be trust.
Stay strong like the grain;
Learn From the pain,
That will guide us over,
Then the flow stays with the song.
Don't go getting it all wrong,
Don't change in the wind,
Like the chaff;
Always changing our path,
Just to have a laugh.
Stay strong,
Keep going on.
Never say never,
Always say more;
Know the score,
Know what to look for.
Stick with the core;
Don't look so deep,
That we can't get any sleep,
Or hide and creep along the side,
Then people don't see us as deep.
Water goes through the valley,
Winding with its might;
Yet it doesn't fight,
Instead it changes its course,
With all that force.
Thus let's get it right,
Without any plight.
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