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New disease recognized and named dogma-techna-phobia

So what is it, do you have it, with almost 75% of older people already having this; find out the symptoms and if you have it here?
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So what is Dogma-Techna-phobia?

It is the fear or near un-approachable people, who if you ask them to look at a web site or anything on a PC, they near freeze up in fear?

This is psychological problem, mainly found in our older generations; being brought up with out the use of technology as children; now suffering and even finding it hard to even read, as the web is made of!

So how do we fix this? We experiment, the more mistakes you have, the more you learn.
This isn't just about people who have never touched a computer; yet also people spending a lot of time on a PC in the office, ask them to do anything new for fun, they scream??I don't know, I just expect to switch it on and that is it??.

Now this isn't anything new; people are always scared of something they are unsure of or what is new, and since so much publicity has gone behind the world wide web, it makes it slightly daunting or at least gives that impression to many, who have never used it.

People now believe it to be something huge and un-explainable; the point of the web in the first place, was for people trying to explain things, to others in an easy way.

Even the most complicated web-professional, started some where and didn't know anything to begin with?

So let the fear go and stop think PC are something that belongs in laboratories or even worse that it is just to play games on, as many do still.

It is a means to achieve a task, in the shortest time possible through the use of PC.

Just like the music added on here, they were written in a day or less, now to record a full orchestra and to arrange a piece like any written here, would take days; not a few hours?

Or even this article full of spelling mistakes, as we always make?

So in a seconds; we can click auto-spell and it fixes it for us, if we checked the correct spellings of words; in a full English dictionary?
How long would that process take otherwise?

An hour or two, yet in a second, it is fixed?

Same applies with so many things; like the online painting, any artist making a huge mistake on canvas and would have to start again, yet now on a PC undo and that's it fixed, to the last state before the mistake happened?

So in this, we ask any of you who has friends who are dogma-techna-phobic to be kind, and help them.
Help teach them to get off the donkey and try new things, as really, when we all have a race horse to use, it is far easier then riding a donkey, so get off it, get online and welcome to the community; being the whole world spoken to in a day.

Try phone them all and do this?

Well stop with dogma-techna-phobia, and experiment, the worst that can happen is, you go wrong and press undo, on most things?
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