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Who is Zanda?

A Quick guide to some of the Amazing things within my life, that have given us; so much faith in doing what God asked of us.
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Many will ask who I am; what right do I have to go through the bible in this way?
The truth is I have asked my self the same question, again and again, since I was about 5-6 years old, yet one day I knew I would have to.
Then that's the bit that gets me, who thinks things like that at that age? How could I have known them things? Why would I feel, I was sent?
So what did I think, at that age?

That Yeshua had said it right; he had never at any time pointed to him self, something was seriously wrong as people worshipped Yeshua.

Yeshua I knew as a brother and understood many of his feelings, memories and emotions as a spirit from in heaven and also his flash backs of his life.

I knew what heaven was like and how if felt, and what was required from the spirit to enter heaven, yet not in words, as I do now.

That there will be a great tribulation within my life time, then after that a thousand years peace and unity.

I felt that I had been sent.

Yet as I said before I always question it and almost at times disbelieved it, yet neither my spirit, nor God would let me stop believing, what I came here with in my heart.

So why didn't I stand up earlier, I wasn't sure and especially being brought up in today's world of self doubt and capitalism.
Plus also the main reason is my auntie, as she believed that we should worship Yeshua as did the church.
I knew many commandments inscribed on my heart, I respected my elders and listened, yet never said it was wrong, as she would get me in front of that big book. I couldn't understand the wording as it sounded so strange, so I left it until I was older. Yet with the knowledge that one day I would return, to what I originally felt, I would have to do, by going through the bible.
For many years, I had children's copies of the old testament and I would study the stories in there, I found it the only book, I would keep going back too, yet I wouldn't read the new testament, as I felt something was wrong, and I sort of knew, I wouldn't understand it at that time.
My auntie helped me in many ways, not that I saw her that much until I was about 8-9 years old, then we moved nearer to where she lived.
You see she is a very strong follower of the bible and has been led by the church, she has been many different denominations, trying to find the one which is true; she now owns a Christian books shop.
Having felt this way from that age, we have come to many discussions along the way, on many occasions not getting very far, without it coming to her getting mad at me.
Yet through adversity we learn.

When I was 8, it was September 1986, I remember standing on a show ground as I had gone of wandering, while my parents looked after our stand; I stood in an old medieval court yard with people running all over buying things and admiring the old castle.
I couldn't help wondering why? What was it all about? What is it all for? What is the meaning of life?
As people seemed so distant from each other, yet I thought from what I had known of heaven, we would be working towards the same here.

When I was 15, it was a beautiful afternoon and I had gone off wandering, I was coming along the disused train line, near to where I live. There was a beautiful sun set over Nottingham and I looked round at all the house and nature dotted in between, and thought how all the people where so isolated in their little boxes, away from each other and thought how it would be nice, if we could be one big family.
Then I heard this voice, at first it felt like it was my own mind, from the very center, loud and clear. Yet it had an authority that was not my own, so I answered back in my head "that's me?"
I sharply, got almost told off, by a quick answer back, "I am talking to you" with a strong fatherly voice. It then became apparent that the voice was clear in me, yet not part of me. It's resonate came from all of nature, almost like everything was one, all birds, wind, and sound.
In one word God, one clear, booming, flowing voice in the center, then with what sounded like a million voices surrounding it, in clear unison and harmony, I have never heard anything in my life like it.
There was a magnificent cloud behind me, where I could hear the American Indians, Mayan, Tibetans (Zanda) it felt like all the people who had attained oneness with all that exists. This voice sounded like many waters as it flowed, so perfectly in unison with the center voice.
It then told me:
"Read all the religions, and when you have read all the religions, you will understand where the magic of the world comes from, when you understand this, build a place. So that all people may understand and from this place, peace will spread. then others will follow suit and unity will spread."
The thing within all of this is that as well as speaking, it was clear to me what each meaning meant, as it showed me in pictures, a place where all books would be and many wise people would come from many miles, to study there and so making knowledge grow in the correct way of oneness.

I asked "how will they know its there?"

The voice replied "Build it and they will come"

It then continued as I walked along the train line along to my home, I wish now I had stayed and paid more attention as God talked, instead of walking along. It got to almost a mile, Where God had been talking in this continues rhyme of information, of how thing would happen latter.

Near the end I asked "why me?" I was told "many are Chosen, few stand up."
It bothered me, the amount I had been told, so I asked "how will I remember all this?" and I was told, "When the time comes you will remember".
That was about it, for a 15 year old I didn't fancy reading all the religions, I more wanted to be one of the lads, and so I was accepted.
Odd bits I do, yet there is still a big section that is missing, about after the place has been built and people start to rebuild our communities.

Straight after, when I left where the voice had been talking, as I neared the end of my journey; a force came not like the 1st in any way more, dangerous, dark and bad.
It tried from the inside of me, to get me to jump off the bridge head first and told me there was no point in me being here, I might as well. Yet I rebuked it in the name of God and forced my body with all my spirit, to go the way I wanted, down the track
This alarmed me at 15years old, as I thought how I can mange something like this, so I ran off as such and became a villain, well sort of. Someone became my friend who led me astray.
Up until 19 years old, I read the Tao Te Ching and other eastern religions, still trying to keep up an effort of doing, what I have been asked to do. Yet not reading the bible as I had been severely put off, by what I had been taught, by society of Yeshua.

At 19, I had almost lost my self in the whole normal way of English life, going to the pub and working. Disbelieving all the stuff that had happened earlier as being my imagination and that my auntie was right and it was probably the devil, stop!! What am I saying??
So at 19 I went off to live with my dad in Spain, this opened my eyes to there was more in the world then the usual life, of a 9-5 and buying stuff for happiness.
Then after an annual drumming party that is held in Ibiza, we stayed at the beach for a couple of days.
There I met someone who my spirit recognized, we sat playing drums all night and then it struck me. What had I been doing all this time, I had known many things since birth, yet my life for many years, had gone way of track.
It was then, that I asked for forgiveness from God and Yeshua, as he had been here and knew how hard it could be.
That night I got bitten by over 120 mosquitoes (that we could count) they were everywhere all along my main arteries, it was almost like the bad blood, I had acquired got taken out of me.

After that, I still wasn't completely on track, yet each time I did anything wrong, things would happen to make me aware, so I wouldn't do them again.
Also from that point, I noticed that when I asked for things, they would almost magically appear in the street or I would find them, don't get me wrong, I would never steal them they would just be there.

Once I did try and steal a bottle of water, as I hadn't any money and had been walking for a day, I was so thirsty.
Yet I almost got caught and ended up chucking the water, so they stopped chasing me, then after I sat down and gave up and thought how could I be in such a mess, and how I wish I had trusted God instead.
Then with out moving, while I was thinking this, I put my hand down to my right and there was a bottle of water.

Thing like that happen all the time to me and always have done, I would go through them all yet they keep coming and there is too many miracles to mention.
Now when I look back at my life, almost every single thing I have asked for has turned up, including a brown eyed, dark hair, Gemini called Suzy, certain looks and everything I asked. It took 4 years, yet she did turn up as I asked, even though it wasn't what I needed
At the time. Yet this is what happens when we try and guide our own paths, now I leave it up to God rather then trying to choose.

In the year 1999, I was 21 and during a self induced trance state, I saw a vision where there was a book laid out in front of me with many seals on it, almost like locks, yet in a spiritual sense. They were there to stop any from entering that are not true.
Yet with in me, I had all the keys with out trying to find the right one, the last took oneness and could not be opened by one person. So I asked that there be in front of me a spiritual party, so that I could channel the energy through some of the enlightened people I knew. Now normally in Ibiza spiritual parties have a reason, either the full moon or half moon, yet this time there was a party with out cause and what's more it was positioned, so it was in direct alignment, to where I had asked.
After this experience I had a couple of weeks of weird things happening, where the thoughts I was thinking, would be playing in the song in the bar, I was walking past.
I would meet people and have answers for questions they had in their lifes.
Finally I went back to my dad's boat as he had a book on ancient history and ancient sites.
Something in my spirit told me to look in there; there were many of the sites, where I remembered things from between now and 20,000 years ago. I felt they had always been part of me, yet I had blinded my self to much of them by being taught differently about life.
One point that still sticks clear in my mind, as it was discovered and shown on television, 4 years after, was that the statues on Easter island. They use to be used as light houses, as we sailed from the island in the pacific, i.e. Mu, Atlantis. They Use to contain what appeared limestone, a white stone. Then a fire was stuck under, so it would reflect out to sea.
From looking at this book, I decided I need to go to this sacred mountain in Ibiza called Atlantis, I asked my dad if he would take me as it was a nice day.
He refused and said he was busy, and then from no where a storm came and pushed us towards the mountain. We couldn't get back to land in the dingy, as the storm was too strong and as we started to try, the boat next to ours almost smashed into our boat, so we went back and tried to sort out the mess.
My dad tried to pull the boat out of danger with a rope, yet each time he pulled he would start shouting at God and saying I will get you for this when I get up to heaven.
In the end as my dad tried to pull it, the wind snapped back at him and he caught his finger quite badly.
So I asked, "let me try", he said "how can you, I am a strong man, you are just a boy", I repeated "let me try".
So I just prayed asked the wind to stop and it stopped, I pulled the boat to where my dad had wanted it and just as I was about to tie it on my dad took over and the wind picked up again, he quickly tied it up and we were safe.

Me and my brother went back to shore and then went back to the other side of the island to where our friends were. I still had in mind that I need to go to this mountain and tonight as it was important, yet I didn't know why.
When we met our friend it was them who turned to me and with out me saying anything said a big group of us want to go to this mountain.
In the end only six out of the group of friends came along, when we got to the mountain it was dark and we had to go along a dirt track to get to it. Many years before I had, had a dream, where I had been a hawk that lives above it and knew where I was going from that.
We made a camp fire and sat round it and told stories of things we had seen, and the way the world was currently in a mess.
It was an amazing night, I have never seen so many shooting stars in one night, the stars them self where in perfect alignment with the mountain
I decided to go on a mission up the mountain at first to get wood, then later just to get to the top of the mountain.
I had gone with out my shoes, so I stuck to walking on the stones, so I didn't hurt my feet, I got about half way up and then got stuck as the path was blocked by bushes.
While I was laying there trying to figure out a path up to the top, through the bushes, my friend came up looking for me.
One decided to come up to the top with me, I was busy pondering the way, when I heard a voice in my spirit saying about the white and the black path. I then realize that the way I had come, was mainly on white stones and the way that hurt my feet was on the dark path. So where did the white path lead? I followed it up, and then I heard "wide is the path to adversity and narrow is the path unto life".
Then I noticed that the path went off down this narrow route through the bushes, so we went that way and found the path up to the top, all the way along were these white stones that glowed in the moon light.
When we got to the top we lied down, I have never felt such peace as I do on that mountain, my mind felt contained, almost like being in your mother's womb.
I looked up at the stars and saw that my stars (Orion's belt), as they have always guide me, in the right direction in my life, were directly above where I was looking and in complete alignment with the mountain.
Then I heard a voice saying "you must have one foot on the sea and one on the land" I didn't know what this meant and had not heard it before, yet believed it to be scripture. I felt I should do it, as the same voice in my spirit, had guided me up the mountain with scriptures.
I made my way down the mountain to its point, where the rock is above the sea.
As I sat there I pondered all that my friend had been saying and all the hardships they had seen in their lives.
Then from all that I had read about God, all I had known in my spirit from birth and then all my spirit could muster, I called out in my spirit and asked, the creator of the sea and all the stars and all that I could see and then some more, "when will we call time"?
At that point there was thunder from every direction, so it hit my ears at exactly the same time; I have never heard anything like it.
After I was almost questioned, if you had a son and loved him dearly, would you give him up for the good of man kind, I said I would, which made me cry at the thought of it.
As with this question I saw a glimpse of what infinity meant, and how history had unfolded due to this occurring.
I had with me a pocket copy of the Tao Te Ching and asked if we could use this in infinity, for the good of the earth.
I remember thinking how beautiful it was as poetry, yet after you understood its meaning and the fact, the world didn't follow these things. It made you bitter, for if we did the world would be a better place.
I also asked that if I truly was who I thought I am, when I had been younger, that my name be in all religions, as a key to finding the truth. Which later I found out, is in many different religions.

I then saw with my friends, a person who hadn't come with us and whose spirit seemed dark.
So I immediately went to investigate, I came and spoke with him and asked if he had been up the mountain, he didn't want to, almost like the mountain was guarded in some way.
I then asked God if he was bad, immediately a lizard came along and started biting my big toe. He then said to take a photo of it, which with in many cultures is counted as bad, as you take the spirit of the animal.
I then heard ask "if he has any tattoos?" I did and he had on one arm born to raise hell and on the other dance with the devil.
I asked why he had them done, he told me he had, had a bad life and how he had been a trained killer in the military and that was there emblem.
This man I hadn't met at the time, yet he lived in the squat with many of my friends.
We came to quite a few conversations, when we got back to town.
He was trying to teach my friends that you could just steal to get by and drink. I was trying to get them to entertain people and ask for donations.
At one point he turned to me and said "there are many of us and only few of you and we will win".
Yet I came back with white moves forwards and black back, meaning that good has knowledge of the future and bad can only work through the past.
We shook hands on it, and straight after I caught my hand that I just shook with on a plastic chair, I got a cut across my finger and for 2 days it would not stop bleeding.
I began to get worried and went to seek spiritual help, I went to a friend, I explained the story and he gave me a stone and prayed. Immediately after leaving the shop where my friend was, it stopped bleeding.

At 21 I and a group of friends went mushroom picking, I picked loads I was unsure about yet thought they looked OK and would take them out later when I checked in the mushroom book. Yet when we got into the car, I sat on them and crushed them so they were all mashed together.
So later I just eat the lot, yet I found that I had done something wrong; my friend was round at the time. I told him that something felt funny and it felt like my heart was stopping, yet he thought I was just being daft as I looked OK.
He left me and went home, I sat upstairs on my own in deep thought, yet I kept having this feeling of my heart slowing down.
It then just stopped, at first I found my self outside of my body, looking down at my self on the floor.
I then in the form of spirit flew around all the places I had known and family, and then I found my self up at the wood near to where I live.
It was strange as I went to the 1st tree of life in the woods, not that I had ever really noticed what sort of tree it was before, I also knew where all the other trees of life were in the woods.
My spirit went into the tree of life, in front of it were 2 swords flashing left and right, yet they were not to do with me, as they seemed to only guard against things that came with hate in them, yet I came in peace and acceptance, So they let me go in through the tree of life.
As I went through the tree, I realized why I had come to the tree of life, as all animals saw it as a place of refuge, its roots spread deep under the earth. Then through the fungus in the soil it was then connected to all trees and nature.
It was symbiotically connected to all of nature, it leaves spread high into the sky and the water within them was connected to the weather.
It was almost like this tree could feel what was going on and the tree of life was helping all of nature work, yet we had lost touch and didn't realize, all is one!

Then as I went through the roots, I came to another place, at that point most of my life flashed before my eyes and times where I had not stuck in a 100% effort came back. I saw the out come of what had happened to the person, as I had not made sure I did it right the 1st time and so let the person make mistakes. Even though at the time I had felt I was doing right I realized that, many of the things, I had thought, I had done to help, in fact had been my own desires.
This shocked me at first, as I saw all the ramifications of my actions, I felt it was not my fault, yet then realized it was. I then came in to a place that appeared to me, as millions of spirits, all having just seen this, yet not accepting responsibility and instead blaming God or others for their mistakes.
They all stood next to each other, yet no one was listening to each other, I tried yet they only wanted to stand and blame.
My spirit couldn't take this place, it was horrible as it was so confining, it appeared dark yet it was in fact light when you looked closer, each spirit contained its own colour of the soul, and all these colours mixed together, appeared mucky brown.
Then as per usual in my life I began to talk about God and they tried to cover my light and take it for them self, as many of them seemed dim in comparison to my self.
As they covered me in them selves, something with my spirit called out, almost like a reserve of light with in the bottom of my soul, from this point I called out with all my spirit, "but I know oneness".
Why at the time I shouted this I don't know, as from all the books I have read, it didn't seem like what people had told me, many would say you should ask one of the prophets or saints. Yet this is what felt right and so strong, I have never known my spirit to be so strong on a point within me.
Then from above me a great light came and pulled me up through many levels, not like the first, it felt as they were still part of the solid levels or the spiritual side of reality.
As I ascended through the levels they got smaller, almost like the shape of a pyramid.
Finally I was brought to a place that was apart from the 1st place, yet looked over it and was still part of it, yet it appeared to have transcended the dense matter that was at the lower levels.
The place I came to was pure thought and feelings, it was one big circle, in colour like an eye, and the outside of it was white with hints of amber and warm colours. This place was oneness and all that were in it understood that. The center was God, everyone was singing and are all directing it to the center of the circle. The 1st part of it was love and all that were there had understood this in the life's, I floated past some one and as I did they were interested to meet me and see who I was we floated around each other. We almost became as one, we understood all the thoughts and feelings the other spirit had, yet with out touching. Just floating around each other, in almost like a dance. It was like making love, yet so pure and so clean, there was none of the feelings of sexual lust or need, that are down in the lower levels, as I had experienced on earth.
Here everyone knew most things, the things they didn't know they sang praise's to the center, yet not in words like we do on earth, yet in simple sounds as children and animals do. All the songs were in the same essences, yet different from each other. All the songs combined in perfect harmony. It is the most beautiful music; I have heard and ever will.
As the waves of song, hit the center they come back with more emotion in pure faith and wisdom, yet still in this almost musical expression coming in waves.
Then after floating around this other spirit, who was so bright I came past others, yet not with the degree of time, I spent with the 1st, instead just passing by. Yet still with this understanding with out words of whom and what they are, understanding all feelings and emotions held with in the spirit of each other as we passed.
After leaving the first area of unconditional love, I came to a place that was closer to the center of the circle; many spirits recognized me and were quite excited to see. It made me glow as a spirit as they knew me and are my friends. This place I had come to was pure wisdom and thought it surrounded the center circle and was channelling all the energy that came from lower levels in to clear patterns, rather then being disorganized as they came from the lower levels and earth.
As I looked around I saw that as I looked around the center circle, there were different energies and ways each of them acted and corresponded with the center.
Each seemed almost like a different colour or musical note as each had a clear expression to its spirit.
This part of heaven was like the lens of an eye, as the different colours focused different wisdom into the center.
It appeared to me that many of the books, I had read and emotions or feelings of the person who wrote them, were these same that I now looked at within heaven, there was Lao-Tzu, Yeshua, Buddha and many others.
I can't express all of there names in any language, I am aware of the way their energies are, and who there spirit is, yet not in words.

After this I went up to the very center, at first in the center it appeared like someone in pure white light and rainbows emanating from its center sitting on a throne.
The person I could see had no sex and was both sexes in one.
As we talked it became apparent to me that as I believed that was the way God would look, that is the way he did look. Yet this was only an image, so I could understand.
So I asked to see what God truly was, it was granted me, for many it would overwhelm them, with the amount their spirit would have to take in at one time, this would likely destroy them.
What God is, is all wisdom and knowledge in one place, all thought that each person has here on earth and on all the spiritual levels. All is heard by God, each feeling is known all these come as patterns, all to one center point, so being the corner stone of the whole universe.
God was like a single spirit was, yet millions of reflections of them all in one place folded over and over again till infinity.
God understood on a level, we don't yet think of him at, we believe he judges on just if we have made mistake. Yet as I said he sees infinitely, in other word he understands the beginning to the end of each and every person's lives, understanding why they do things and why they turn away from God.
The one thing that held people away from God is not so much there sins, yet their own ego's making them think they had to go it alone, instead of realizing that only through dedicating all to God, could we finally be free of the circle of life and death.
I was asked, if I wanted to choose my own reality, as Yeshua had done, yet I said I would rather play the game and learn how it worked 1st, this has been detrimental at times, as to learn in my life, I have chosen or asked for things to happen, which they have, in the process causing large causalities.
Finally after we finished talking God asked if I wanted to stay, yet I asked that, I could go back, as I felt I still had things to do.
Many times I have thought this was a daft decision, yet God wouldn't have allowed me to return, unless he saw fit.

Now for many years, I haven't always believed that this was true, it is not that I am a doubter, it is just I have been programmed as such, to double and triple check things, then check what is checking in the 1st place.
The main thing was the mushrooms, I wasn't sure if it was self induced, yet I still couldn't understand how I could have seen so many things, which are spoken in many religious books world wide.
Plus a video, I watched called a brief glimpse of eternity, sent shivers running down me as it was almost identical to what I had seen, where a man died from being bitten by 5 box jelly fish.

At 24 I was helping in my aunties Christian books shop and began reading the bible, when I first read Revelation, it made me cry as it was amazing how it foretold exactly what I had done on the mountain 2 years previously with out prior knowledge.
At certain points or books, I would get a headache telling me not to read certain books and each time, I turned to open them, again the headache would come back. So I didn't read certain books till later, as instructed to do by the Holy Spirit.

When I was on a Christian camp, I went out to the woods near by to pray, I asked God if I did die and that he give me a sign from the sky to tell me. At that point there was thunder from that exact point I was looking and asking for. That was the only thunder all that day, so it was quite clear.

I also asked that God speak to the main pastor and ask him to point to the father, as all they seemed to be preaching was Yeshua and not the father
That night we went to the service and the pastor started his sermon off, by saying he had a vision in which Yeshua had come to him and asked that we spoke about the father.
This brought tears to my eyes as it was remarkable that it had happened as I had asked, I am still not sure why he said Yeshua except, I do sort of look like him.

After this camp I was slowly becoming convinced that maybe the entire bible, was true as I had heard many of the parts written by Paul used well to guide people.
I finally got round to reading the entire bible at 26 years old, when I was permitted to do so by the holy spirit.
I kept having visions where I would see Yeshua saying something, and then see that which Paul had said, was directly opposite.
After about 4 months of this, it got to a point where there were so many points that contradicted each other, I wrote it out. I had Paul on one side and Yeshua on the other.
There was almost 20 points and there was still more that I could see yet wasn't clear on.
For almost 2 years or so now, I have been constantly studying to see how it could be so.
The more I have looked, the more I have found confirming that Paul is the anti-Christ.
While re-reading John it was brought to my attention, how many points he made about the Pharisees private conversations that only a Pharisee would have known.
Many other points have been brought to my attention while reading and many of the prophecies have been fulfilled by the Pharisee both Paul and John
So confirming what I was originally sent with and came to my consciousness at 5 years old, this is why I am so strong over this, as I have had precept upon precept all my life to show me how this is not what God wants.

Shortly after realizing that Paul was anti-Christ's teachings, it unlocked my spirit to be free in God, as it had been when I was child before being deceived by Christian ideology.
Then during this time I was studying, I remembered the saying "the more you chase after a horse, the further it runs! When you stop it will come back to you".
So I did the same with my search of what God had been asking me to do, as in reading all the religions, as to understand where there magic of the world comes from.
It then came to me how the commandments ran in line with the dimensions, at first I noticed, the 2nd commandment is no image, and 2 dimension is an image on paper. Then the 4th commandment being to do with time, and that the 4th dimension is time and space. So I continued through the rest of them. I then realized that the way that numerology worked with in Chinese/Japanese cultures i.e. the I-Ching, Aligned perfectly with this same pattern that I could now see in the commandments. From what I had seen when I died this now made perfect logical sense, as the levels I had seen in between heaven and hell were these same rules.
What Christ had done is described and shown the last 2 commandments that are heaven. This almost completed the commandments to make a clear picture of the spiritual realms in dimensions, as well as rules to live by, to ascend through them to spiritual harmony.

Since discovering all this and publishing it online, I still have miracles all the time and most things I ask for, if from a pure heart. So it is apparent to me that this is indeed something that I must do, as I can see the differences between the Pharisee ideology and that of God's.
During the course of my life I have seen many people I recognize, I remember some of them from a moment in the past with an image of their past life. Others I remember their spirit from when I was in heaven, and the energy that they contain and where they sit around the throne. It appears now to me that there are many peoples, who have been sent yet many of them are unaware of this and continue in their lives without service to God, as they have been indoctrinated by Babylon believing that this is reality. Many have been put off by the whole idea of religion, as it was established by the Pharisees and Babylon (Roman Empire). So do not even know of Yeshua and believe the New Testament to be completely made up, as I had done for many years, until I was shown why.
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