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A Definition of Spirituality

What is Spirituality? How does this involve Heaven? What is Heaven? All these Questions Answered!
Many people around the world are searching for a more spiritual life, as the commercial side of things doesn't satisfy people and people are finding they want more to life.
Yet what does spirituality actually mean? As many people have asked me this, I will explain.
There is one thing that is in all religious books around the world, and just one word that can sum all of this up. That word is oneness; when I died at 23 the thing that I called out from hell was "I know oneness". Why I shouted that at the time I wasn't fully aware, even though I have read many religious books and spiritual books, it wasn't apparent how important this was. Yet after shouting this from the root of my soul, I was taken up in a bright light as many people say they see; they feel like they go through a tunnel.
The place I reached was heaven, yet really a true name and a definition of this place is oneness.
So what is oneness, heaven was made up of 3 levels, the 1st was unconditional love, as I have explain in the article on unconditional love and what it truly means.
The next was wisdom; this level contained and understood all the other levels before it. The spirits, who are there, are also known as angels, elders and many other names.
The very last level is God; and all of oneness (heaven) is focused on the center, being God.
It is like a circle, I know I say levels, yet there is no higher or lower; all are equal.
The spirits in the level of wisdom sit next to God, and for many this is extreme; as God is all wisdom and knowledge in the whole universe, in one place. If you can imagine even slightly this is immense; it is enough to overwhelm most, only those who have excelled and have the integrity to understand can be there.

The reason I am explaining this is to make clear what oneness is. The opposite is hell and is Ego, all people moaning and not taking responsibility, for their own actions during their life's and Instead of apologizing finding reasons to blame others.

This is the simplest way to understand most religions world wide, as these two extremes are the difference between, why the world is in a mess and how we can fix it.
True spirituality is aiming for oneness to work, working towards oneness in all things, helping others, showing unconditional love and above all, being at one with our fellow man.
All of this is what Yeshua showed and taught, to be at one, to forgive others and show by love.
This is also the same for Buddha, who also taught to aim for oneness, Lao Tzu explained oneness. Almost all the great teachers have taught oneness; and when I was in heaven these are the elders.
So all the daft arguments I see, in chat rooms, about "my religion is right, yours is wrong", is egotistical! So if you do these things I advice you to stop, as the only place you are heading for, is hell!
When you tell someone they are following the wrong belief, what do they do? What do you do? You get hurt by this and fight back and all people are the same.
You see with a belief? A lot of us have been brought up with it since birth; our parents followed it and their parents before them.
The ego caused by this is causing more and more separation of the peoples.
When Christ said in the lords prayer:


Mat 6:10 your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

He meant it and now I will reiterate what this is; heaven is oneness the world can be at one.
All it takes is every person working towards this, no matter what religion you are, the books guide towards this. Anyone who sits as an elder taught this, those who didn't are not in heaven, as heaven is perfect and without accepting this; there is no way in.
You may ask why is there such a problem, with this today and many are working towards their own egos and in doing so there own destruction.

As what has been taught as truth is in fact a lie, Paul is Anti-Christ; he teaches separation of people; where Christ taught oneness.
The book of John is made up; so many people have been lead to believe that they follow Yeshua. This isn't so and in doing so you honestly don't follow him, as the book of John portrays Yeshua as egotistical; he is not and could not be. You are clearly shown in the other gospels by the disciples, that Yeshua was humble and loving. So why is it such a problem, well Muslims have been told things have changed, yet not told what, as Mohammed didn't know.
Most countries around the world do not want Christianity in their country, as the teachers they have had, have taught oneness. Now this is not to say Christ isn't right, yet Christianity doesn't follow him; it follows the Pharisees.
Why am I discussing this in an article on what is spirituality, as instead of allowing the world to slowly become one, Christians try their best to stop it.
I understand why, as from what the Pharisees taught, you are told Christ is the only way.
Yet Christ actually said to do the work of the father; since the realm of the father is oneness, this is what being a follower of Christ means.

So from all of this I hope you understand what I am aiming at; true spirituality is people who try and live oneness. Those who work for their own egos suffer in life, as ego is something that is temporary and can easily fade or cause you to get hurt. What does everyone want? Oneness! People long to have company, to feel content; this comes from oneness! As when we can live at peace with others and feel at one, we are happy.
This is what heaven is, living oneness 100% and trying to achieve it here on earth will gain entry to heaven.
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