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The Differences Between Yet and But

In the same as the difference between the sheep and the goats, here is a look at how changing your language on this one word; can then change your future and the way you come across to others.
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Many people never notice this and only use the word 'but', well if we notice a goat butt's into things, and so perhaps we should look at what it does to the way we converse.
I use to use it and then realized this; so then looked at the context at which it is used.
It contradicts all of the last statement you just made, like this:


you're a really nice person and I like you allot for taking the trouble to read this, but have you understood?

I blatantly just stopped all that last sentence about you being nice, so have just defeated the flattery for you, within my own wording.
Hopefully that begins to let you see how much it stops things, now by changing that one word to either 'also' or 'yet' as you now see me use allot, then have a look at that same sentence:


you're a really nice person and I like you allot for taking the trouble to read this, yet have you understood?

You see that continues and allows you too also.
you see if you do that on conscious level of the way you communicate, then you also do that to what other people expect of you.
When you are constantly saying 'but' in fact you are not saying anything, you might not even get much done in life, down to that one word; as you were going to but, but, but!!!?

It has to stop and to make the change is a conscious decision, we can all make, to become more always, to look for the option out side of the box as you speak?.
As if even in mid sentence and then you stop on the word 'yet', you allow the person you are speaking with, to finish the sentence and to continue also.

Now when this is taken in to account, we can also have a look at the difference between Pharisees (John, Paul, Simon) whom all use 'but' to much and Yeshua.
Yeshua used 'yet' very much in his wording and 'also', 'and this' etc?.allowing the other people listening to also look more beyond and not stop mid flow.
In Paul's case it is so winding with 'buts' at every twist and turn, it is very hard to find where it is heading. As it will stop mid flow in what he is saying, to contradict that statement and start a statement again. So making it more like a snake to read, in my opinion.

So spend the time think about it and you will see do you really want to be a 'butt' all your life or do you want to move on and have more to what you are saying?
It is the smallest change in vocabulary for basically what is a free gift of a brighter out look and more options to your life.

You see on the other hand of the 'butts', it is like the goat and so goats get given more fences to contain them. so this is why the butting into things and this is the same to someone whom always use 'but', they are trapping them self smaller and smaller in a box of contradiction in what they say.
So have a good think about it and then you might see do you really want to contradict your self? So lets stop doing this, but?.
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